Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Santa Baby....

I'm jumping the gun a bit...and posting my well-thought out Christmas List!


Santa baby,
I LOVE this time of year. Did you know I got married in December….because it’s my absolute favorite?! Something about December is super romantic and magical (and it happens to fall between semesters…which is helpful when you simply can't wait until Summer to marry your REALLY cute boyfriend!
(see...he's pretty cute) 

I’ve been thinking really hard about my Christmas List this year.
In a way, I feel like I have everything I need, BUT reality tells me I’m gonna need a WHOLE lot if I’m gonna survive 2012. Sorry.
The thing is…my luck has been kinda crummy (as I’m sure you are well awareJ) Ever since February when my health has declined at such a rate I can’t keep up. I have felt kinda picked on.  I did my best to stay happy and positive but I must say that I am SOOOO grateful to put 2011 behind me in a few short weeks.
There IS something you can do for me….to redeem 2011 just a smidgen.
 Again, I know my Christmas list is quite lengthy….but after the year I’ve had…I kinda deserve it! Agreed??
 I have organized it into categories (come on…you know who you’re dealing with hereJ
 I will start with the MUST HAVES; The absolute necessities to life at this point. Then finish up my list with a few things that I really really want after this roller coaster year!
1.       2 packages of Saltines
2.       A C-shaped body pillow that will allow me to get some rest.
3.       Dreyer’s Fruit Bars (I’ll take as many packs as you got)
4.       Write my Dr. a letter and ask him to “give in” and write me a prescription (with unlimited refills) for Zofran or any anti-barf drug that will work.
5.       Miracle lotion that will allow massive stretching with little pain/damage. (Jarom says he’ll buy me a can of Crisco….I know you can do better than thatJ
6.       Any kind of stretch pants or comfies with an elastic waistband. I refuse to pretend my jeans fit “comfortably”  for one more day.
7.       If you could arrange for someone to mount a TV above my toilet….I would greatly appreciate it. I spend the majority of the day sitting in front of that thing gagging….and it’s getting really old.
8.       If the giant shots in my hips each night could end…I would be forever indebted to you. I can barely walk. My hips are bruised and full of knots. Why must the needle be 2 inches long??? I know you can come up with a solution! Pah-leaseJ
9.       If Jarom could take the next 6 months off work to become my full-time best friend and never leave my side….that would be sweet. He is the only one that can convince me I’m not gonna die. That….and I’m kinda  clingy latelyJ
10.   A giant freezer full of Sonic crushed ice.
11.   My own slurpee machine.
1.        Double Stroller
2.       TWO Keyfit Chicco carseats/bases
3.       Petunia Pickle bottom bag for multiples (genius idea…the thing is HUGE)
4.       TWO cribs….I have 2 favorites so you can surprise me!
·         Munire Majestic Curve Top in Espresso
·         Pottery Barn sleigh in white or espresso
5.       Some kind of SUV…with 2 rows and a freakish amount of trunk space to cart around my strollers/gear.  (I want an Infinity SUV …but I realize I am asking a lot here:)

I have been thinking about what I could get Jaxson for a while now.
The kid seems to have everything.
What I really want to get him has been kind of hard for me to get my hands on lately: a brother or sister.  

Unfortunately, they have been sold out for a few years in the Bishop Department StoreJ
However, With lots of dedication, pain and suffering, surgeries and procedures, lots of moolah and even more FAITH….I will be spoiling him rotten this Christmas!
This year I’m finally giving him a sibling!
Well…actually 2. 
This little family of three will be a family of 5!

Anything else you bring will be icing on the cakeJ
Yep….I’m gonna be the proud mama of TWINS….and Jaxson is going to be the best big brother and helper I could ask for.  He is hoping for 1 brother and 1 sister…but the mom (me) just wants to:
a) survive this experience, b) have 2 healthy babies at the end!
I thought I should let you know that he’s been taking such good care of me and should fly straight to the top of your “NICE” list.
For example, I can’t sleep due to intense feeling of needing to vomit and pain… everywhere. A few weeks ago, I must have fallen to sleep on the couch because I awoke at 2:00 a.m. to my sweetheart Jaxson covering me with a blanket and whispering in my ear “don’t worry mom…it’s just me. I didn’t want the babies to get cold.”
He then gave me a big smooch and walked back to his bed.
I know.
How do I deserve such a sweet boy?!?
It’s been a LONG & difficult road. He has seen a lot. He has witnessed a lot of tears, both happy and sad.
But we are feeling very blessed and JOYFUL this time of yearJ

Feel free to bring Jax LOTS!
Also, feel free to bring everything on my list as wellJ Believe it or not….the list of WANTS/NEEDS is much larger than the few things I’ve written here….especially if I plan on bringing home 2 newborns in MAY/JUNE!
Maybe you could just bring a giant tree that grows money. I could do all the shopping and save you the time wrappingJ
P.S. Jarom deserves something awesome.  He has been my rock through this difficult 2 yearsJ 2011 was some cruel joke if you ask me. I spent every penny he made at Doctor’s offices this year…..and he didn’t even complainJ Last night he went to 3 different gas stations and purchased 4 different slushies in search of the perfect drink with large chunks of ice because it was the only thing I was in the mood for!! See what I mean???? He’s awesome.  Please bring him something pretty special.  
(I could be Waayyyy off here…but  I think he’ll be WAY excited about you figuring out a magic way of fixing my nausea,  hiring a cook & maid and finding someone who can motivate me to shower daily:)
He deserves at least that:)

With Love & Merry Christmas



Andrea said...

AAAHHHHH!!! When I started reading the "wants"(I didn't catch on w/ the first list) a huge smile spread across my face. TWO little babes? CONGRATULATIONS!!

Janette said...
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Brandie Page said...

So so sorry you're so sick. But congratulations. Can't wait to see pics of how gorgeous they are. Happy Thanksgiving.

The Wells Family said...

really....really happy for you!! this was such a darling post! good luck to you. you are wonder woman so i am sure twins are going to be cake for you!. :)

Lauren & Brandon said...

Kristin!!! Melissa just texted me with the good news!!! That's so exciting! I'm so so so excited for you and Jarom! I hope you get feeling better soon. Morning sickness is the WORST!!!

Tai and Joe said...

I am so happy for you. I cried reading this. You are an amazing person. I look forward to your blog post. You guys are going to be awesome parents. You little twins are so lucky.

Josh and Kristen said...

Kristin, your post brought me to tears. I have been praying for you for a while now. I'm so happy for you and your family. Take it easy the next several months, a twin pregnancy is completely different from a singleton. Expect every pregnancy symptom to be amplified. Call me if you ever need anything.

Julia Izzy said...

Hi Kristin, I hope you don't mind if I look at your blog occasionally! I love your blog and you are such an amazing woman. I'm so happy for you!!! Twins is so exciting! I'm an aunt to two cute twin girls and they are my world. :) Thanks for your great example. I hope you get feeling better...Have a Happy Thanksgiving. :)

Maranda said...

I cannot believe this amazing news! What a blessing these babies will be for your family! So so happy for you guys! Congratulations!!!

Michelle said...

So wondeful! Here is to no more vomiting soon I hope! Oh, I can hardly wait to see those two beautiful babies! I hope this Christmas is perfect!

Jessica Kettle said...

Ahhhhhhh!!!! I'm SO thrilled for you! TWINS?! Congrats x2!!

K'Brina Colby said...

Oh...My! Congrats! I am so happy for you!! Good luck in the up coming months!

US! said...

OH MY HECK! Congratulations! That is so stinkin awesome!

With Crazy Love Jeff and Jamie said...

Kristen your post is AMAZING!!!!! Congratulations! Can't wait to see those beautiful faces and hear about Jaxon as the BEST big brother ever. Blessing for no sickness!

Amanda said...

Congrats!! You don't even know me...but I have been reading your blog for sometime. I am in awe of your photography and all you do as a mother. Good luck with the pregnancy and prayers for 2 heathly babies!

Tara and Andrew said...

Congrats, Kris! So excited for you two...Sounds like Jax will be a sweet, helpful big brother:) YAY!!

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness, if I can type a comment through the tears. Although I still am not sure how I found you, may be the Kettle's, I love reading your blog and am so excited for you. Congrats. You're an amazing person and one day I am going to fun into you and meet you in person, I'm just sure of it. Hang in there. In the scriptures it always says and it came to pass...never and it came to stay. So excited for you and your darling family. Happiest of Holidays to you. This is going to be a grand adventure for all of you.

Katie said...

Hi Kristen. I don't know if you remember me or not. You taught my Sammy two summers ago when you did your preschool summer camp. I have followed your blog and have thought alot about you as you have gone through the last couple of months. I am so happy for you to be expecting twins. You are a terrific mother and those twins will be so blessed to have you has a mom. Congrats!!

allegra said...

OH MY GOSH!! congrats!!!!! How fun!! You deserve all the best. Sorry it's been a struggle getting them here... But it makes this prize at the end even that much more sweet:) I really kinda teared up reading how Jax put a blanket on your tummy so the babies could be warm. He'll be such a great brother. Seeing the eldest interact with siblings is one of the sweetest things..you'll see. It's the best part of parenthood in my opinion! He'll be such a great brother!

Kassie said...

I am super happy for you, even though it is going to be a trial to get through the next few years, it will also bring you more joy than you can handle. The Lord truly has blessed you and your family and I am so happy for you to be experiencing this special time in your life. Cherish each day, for it is the little things in life that mean the most. :) Much Love and a Merry Christmas to you and yours. :)