Monday, November 7, 2011


I need to have a better attitude about November.
I don't like it for some reason.
I always view it as the month to prepare for December.
I am always waiting for time to pass in November.
I'm plotting Christmas Gift Ideas and dreading the horrible snow.


Today my friend took Jaxson to Kangaroo Zoo aaaaalllllll day.
She has text me a few times telling me that he is on cloud 9...and sweating bullets!!!
I am sooooo glad he's having fun.
I have sooo many good freinds.

By the time I rolled out of bed this morning, I had 3 texts from friends wanting to take Jaxson to play for the day. Doesn't get sweeter than that!


We haven't been up to much around here.
It was a low key weekend of laying around, the boys playing wii and lots of movies.
I also made Jarom help me take down the Halloween Decor....Hallelujah.

I am trying REALLY hard to resist putting up Christmas.
It's still a little obnoxiously early in my book...but I still want to rebel and get it done!!!
I had this ridiculous idea last year to buy a 12 foot tree. It takes 8 hours to I can't seem to gear up for it. ugh.

But oh when it's done....I'm in love. 


I've been putting together my Christmas List today out of boredom and laziness!
Also-I have been surfing the web which is never good:)

Those of you with 4-5 year old boys....what in the world are you getting them???
How many power wheels can you have before it get's a little excessive?
I think me and Jarom are trying to live through him, because we both wanted one so badly when we were little! Haha!

Mom, why didn't I get the barbie jeep again????
hee hee


Seriously, send ideas my way.


carolynnjoy said...

Leap pad...duplo...tag reader and books...or our favorite..geo trax.

Michelle said...

My boys have loved the imaginex toys. Every little boy that comes to my house can't get enough of them. I actually love that they are not electronic. Josh and Gage call them their "magination toys". This was our favorite last year

But we loooooved the Batman castle too.

Kristin said...

Love it! Thank and keep them coming. The problem is by this age they have everything!! It makes me crazy. He loves his bat cave and everything imaginext though them!! He also has an Ipad (same thing as leapad I think?!?) the tag reader with books and an entire geotrax that takes over a room when set up (It tries my patience:) haha. I need to look into idea what that is though!!! Thanks.

Ryan said...

Power wheels are lame...go with my idea and get him a real motorcyle with training wheels. It is time to make the boy a man.

mbarker said...

Our boys are only a few weeks apart and I am getting him Erector Sets. The old school ones where he can build toys that actually move. The new ones are plastic but if you look long enough online you can easily find metal ones.