Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Superhero & Family Halloween Party!

Our weekend was fun.
I love weekends with lots of plans.
I also love weekends with absolutely no plans and a lot of laying around and eating out....but this one happened to be filled to the brim:)
Friday afternoon we spent some time shopping with Aunt Kayla and Nanny Natalie. We forced the boys to come along with us and got a good start on our Christmas shopping which is always such a great feeling! Following our shopping we went out for Chinese....because Jaxson LOVES getting "emails inside his cookies". ha!

Friday I also took Jaxson's annual Halloween Pictures!
I don't know why costumes make things so much more fun....but they do.
I LOVE taking his pictures every year for Halloween and comparing them to see how much he's grown. We finally hit the year/age in which he had a very big opinion over his costume!!!


 I tried to sway his decision...but then I realized how lame it is when mother's try to control things like Halloween when I don't think there is more of a holiday meant for being a KID!
We headed to the store a few weeks ago in search of the perfect costume.

It was a necessity. An absolute must in his book.
(I love little boys)


Pardon me while I post a ridiculous number of photo's of my little 

The cutest Batman that I've ever laid eyes on. Oh my:)
LOVE LOVE LOVE that boy.

He laughed and laughed while he ran around the park letting his cape flow behind him.
It was a fun afternoon for me.

I think it must be part of being a MOTHER....but seeing him light up and giggle makes me forget everything else momentarily and just love the moment!

Four years old is a blast! Each stage brings something wonderful...but I am really really really having a lot of fun with you right now:) You have been the easiest child on the planet. Nanny reminds me regularly how ridiculously easy you make my life. You are very mature and responsible for 4 years old. You take great care of me and have such a tender heart. You love every single superhero and it took us WEEKS of discussing the pro's and con's of each before deciding on one for this years Halloween Costume! You are very much ALL-BOY and love everything sports, Dinosaurs, trucks and anything with an engine! You love video games and playing soccer and baseball with your daddy. You love Dr. Pepper and late night runs for a lime-ricki and redbox:) You are spoiled but you're all we've got.....SO, oh well!

You have made us so happy and continue to make things more fun with your animation and constant negotiations (more candy, no bedtime, sleeping in the middle, etc.) The classic things you come up with keep us laughing and although lately you have become more and more opinionated....we wouldn't trade ya for the world.

Happy Halloween Little Man!
Love, Mom


Saturday was spent at Nanny's Big Halloween Party!
She always makes things a lot of fun for you.

She started the party by telling you that a HUGE spider had spun a web all over the yard and left a note that you needed to follow it! You loved it. You haven't stopped talking about that crazy Spider since. About 10 times today you've asked questions about him and his whereabouts?!?

IT was HIT!

(pardon me again while I post/document this experience with 5 pictures of him gathering a web:)
('s my journal.)

That crazy spider strung it around every bush, tree, car, and plant in nanny's yard! It was quite the task gathering it all up and untangling his web.

At the end of the web was a large bag full of Halloween Presents!
All of the 10 adults had a good laugh watching your excitement as you opened everything. 

Afterward the girls mod-podged pumpkins to decorate for Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun....because my brother Ryan and his wife Kelsey took a break from Law School and came to visit for the weekend. Jaxson was ecstatic to see them!

We all played Halloween Bingo and Jaxson won a handful of prizes.
I won Peanut Butter M&M's (my weakness) and I hid them in the bottom of my purse:)
I thought that sounded completely reasonable...afterall, Jaxson had his own gigantic bag of treats and I didn't want to share mine.

Today after church Jaxson found them and I heard him run into the other room to Jarom and ask "Dad, what are these" which Jarom responded "there M&M's Jax...looks like mom is hoarding her treats again!"

aaagggghhhhhh! That made me laugh so hard.

Today, Jaxson (a.k.a. BATMAN) got a BAT tattoo.
He is now officially ready for tomorrow.

We're gonna top off the Holiday by carving pumpkins here in a minute and then I think we've celebrated this season to the fullest. I am ready for it to be over:) haha.
Does that sound boring of me?!? I am only 27 and I feel like all my fun is gone:)

Have a wonderful Sunday evening and a very



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Maranda said...

What a fun weekend! I wish I would have done a little something more. We didn't even decorate or carve pumpkins this year...I know...lame right?! Love that Jaxson is his own little person & wants to decide what to be. Kamryn hasn't even turned 3 yet and is so stubborn when it comes to her clothes. She has a favorite purple shirt that she wears probably 5 out 7 days! I think it's time to lose it! ha Anyway, I think Jaxson makes a great Batman! I'm glad I can hide the halloween candy from my girls and they forget about it! I'm sure that won't be the case in a few years!