Friday, October 21, 2011

what we've been up too!!!

Due to bedrest and surgery and all the laying around...we haven't been up to much around here!
The last week has been more exciting and eventful that the past 6 combined....but we'll take it!

Just a few snapshots of our week....


SMORES on the deck....

Warming toesies with dad....

Pumpkin Patch!

Smarty Pants Field Trip!

Feeding goats!

Wild man on the slide!

Dance Party with the Preschoolers!

Picnic Lunch at the park!

Lots of Dr. Pepper for the little man....His guilty pleasure.

Attempting monkey bars solo...cuz mom can't lift anything!


Rock Climbing:)


Tonight is Date Night and Miniature Golfing with the little man.
Most likely out to dinner...cuz I haven't cooked in a month and the weekend is NOT the time to start:)

Monday we are headed to Black Island Farms for FHE.
We've invited almost 10 different families/friends so we are hoping to see lots of familiar faces and enjoy the Fall weather now that I can finally leave the house/couch/my bed!! Yay:)

Have a great weekend.

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Maranda said...

Looks like good times to me! Love your family picture at the top. Hope you have a fun FHE!