Monday, October 3, 2011


I use that word daily.
Most the time I'm exaggerating.

The thing is...this time I'm not.


I had the most traumatizing night of my life last Wednesday. 

I'll start from the beginning.

Jaxson is best friends with a darling little neighbor acrossed the street, BEN.
He LIVES at their house and begs to go to Ben's from the moment he wakes up until well after dark.
They treat him like a member of the family and it works...because I'm in love with Ben's mom too:)


Monday night Jaxson fell to sleep on the couch.
Jarom got home from a late night basketball game and carried Jaxson to his bed.
Jarom and I retired to the bonus room to watch our recorded episode of "Modern Family".

We fall to sleep in the bonus room EVERY night....and Jaxson knows this. He has wandered in COUNTLESS times in the middle of the night and climbed onto the couch with us and slept there.

Well---I woke up in the middle of the night....looked over and saw Jarom and Jaxson sleeping and realized we better move down to our bed where we could hear our alarm clock!

I nudged Jarom and told him to follow me downstairs.
I walked down the hall and started down the steps...when I realized my front door was WIDE OPEN and I was staring at the pitch black entryway was freezing....and my deadbolt was no longer deadbolted.


HOLY *%$&!


My heart has never pumped that fast in all it's life.

See---I CLEARLY remember deadbolting every single door in my house only a few hours before....and all the scenarios flooding my mind came up with the same conclusion:
Someone was in my house.

Well...I booked it back upstairs and told Jarom the fun news: That, of course, he get's to go downstairs and save us from whatever freakish thing was happening.  

Jarom didn't look too "calm and collected" when I told him.

We were sporting our pj's (garments:):) and were half-asleep....and BAM...moments later I swear I could have attacked a grown man with my bare hands. I have never felt so much adrenaline.


Jarom walks downstairs and notices that our garage door is open as well...and after roaming the basement (unfinished might I add) he see's that door open too!

What in the crap???


Jarom then remembers that when Jaxson climbed onto the couch a little while earlier he was upset. He kept saying to Jarom "Dad, you didn't tell me where you went!" over and over.

Our minds were racing for an answer! Why were the doors open?!?!
We immediately turn and ask Jaxson if he looked for us outside???

"Yep", he answered.

this is what happened.....
My baby got out of his the middle of the night....wandered down to my bedroom and I wasn't there. He then looked in my closet, bathroom, kitchen and garage...before deciding that we had left him (ya right) and then he booked it out of there.

He pajama' the pitch black middle of the night...down the sidewalk, acrossed the street and to his friend Ben's house. He couldn't find me and he didn't know what to do so he went to Rachel's.

He knocked and knocked...and rang that doorbell over and over....meanwhile, scaring the crap out of them.They didn't answer (I wouldn't have either, in the middle of the night!!...) he grabbed his yellow blanket and made the walk back to our house with his little bare feet....up the front steps and into our BLACK DARK house.
 He continued his search.
He didn't cry. He didn't scream. 

(sidenote: I looked outside and the very THOUGHT of walking down the sidewalk made me so scared I was shaking....I have no idea how my child dared do that!!!)

 When he found us sound asleep in the bonus room (which by the the first place he ever comes to find us) he just climbed up on the couch and snuggled up to Jarom and went to sleep.

It wasn't until I woke up and noticed the doors open that I realized how long he looked for us and all that he had done.

It was honestly traumatizing for me to picture my child walking around outside in the middle of the night by himself. I bawled and bawled.

When I talked to my friend the next morning...sure enough...she thought some neighbor teenagers were pranking or trying to scare them...and it just broke our hearts to think of Jaxson outside, not being able to find me. He went to the safest place he knew.

It scared the crap out of me. And showed me how smart that little stinker is.
I am so happy he knows where to go and that he remained calm and did what he thought was best.

if he ever ever ever does that again....I will die.

In the following matter how many times I've talked with him about it...he defends leaving this house!!! I've told him to never leave the house again without mommy knowing...but he sticks to his decision. He argues and argues with me and says...

"My brain just kept telling me to FIND MOM."


Well, Needless to say we will be getting an alarm system.
NOT A SINGLE DOOR OR WINDOW will open at this house without me knowing.

Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll have added features such as:

They coud do that couldn't they? If they have those invisible fences for dogs...they should have advanced versions for adults, right???

Well...I will let you all know.
I won't stop until I've researched the crap out of it.


More about the the relaxing conference weekend later:)

Pedicure with mom, Bajio for dinner, took Jaxson to see "Dolphin Tale", conference, naps, YUMMY FOOD....and smores by the fire.

Now....the boys are asleep and
I'm not.
Like usual.

It's only 1:00 a.m.
Not bad.


Usaha Rumahan said...

Good posting. I like it. Many people might be like this as well. Good job , btw anyone may see also Favorite Songs

allegra said...

no way! what the crap!?! that would scare the livin' daylights out of me too!!!!! so glad he's ok and back home safe. smart little stinker!! he is too smart for his own good.

Ruth Peterson said...

Glad things turned out well! :) We have loved our alarm systems for that very reason--knowing when the little people go in and out, and knowing when the teen people go in and out! :)

Sabrina said...

Holy Crap! That would totally creep me out too; and traumatizing to think little Jaxon was out there all alone! Wow. Definitely a good idea to get an alarm system!

Michelle said...

Holy cow! That little stinker! So glad this story had a happy ending!

Tai and Joe said...

Holy cow Kristin that totally freaked me out. I can't even imagine especially when you had just woken up. I am so glad that little Jaxson was okay. And that no one was in your house.

Kelly said...

That is so crazy! If you need an alarm my hubby works for Vivint (formerly APX) and I LOVE our alarm system! Lots of good features. So we could hook you up or just give you info.