Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Firepit, Family Home Evening & the Red dragons!

Tonight was nice.  
I am REALLY enjoying the firepit on the deck might I add:)
At sunset, me and Jax headed outside to relax by the fire and wait for daddy to come home from work.
Tomorrow night it's SMORES with the little man. wahoo:)

Jaxson wanted to lay on my lap and sing the 3rd verse of "book of mormon stories"...which I do not know....and it frustrates the crap out of him:) They learned in it primary and he begs me to sing it DAILY. I guess it's time I looked it up and memorized it! 


Last night I was feeling particularly kind:) haha.
It all started a few weeks back when Jaxson started praying that his birthday would come so we could go to Boondocks bowling. (His 4th bday was a bowling party at Boondocks).

I laughed and promised the child that we could go BOWLING before his next bday.
I kept my promise.

We had a wonderful night watching our little man run around BOONDOCKS.
He gets so's priceless.

First was Go-karts!
Little boy heaven.

Second was arcade games!
Of course, Jaxson went straight for the Dino Machine!
He remembered it PERFECTLY from his bday. Daddy helped him rob the thing back in grabbing multiple dino's at once instead of just ONE. Well....Jaxson was determined to take home another handful of Dino's.

Daddy didn't disappoint.

We ended the night with BOWLING.
Jaxson get's really into it all: picking the ball, carrying it and throwing it himself, keeping score, etc.

I looked like a train wreck from my afternoon nap:) hee hee.
BUT....this is proof I was there....regardless of how scary I looked....and I was having a fabulous time watching my boys together.


On a side note: I ate dinner with this little stinker this evening:)
What a goofball.

and yes....we had scrambled eggs and toast for dinner.
what can I say?!?
I'm not running at 100% lately:)



Jaxson's La Roca Soccer Team
darling darling and darling

Getting a little bit of sideline advice from dad:)


We've had a lot of fun this week...and accomplished quite a bit considering it's Tuesday night:)

I re-stained and lacquered my entire staircase and banister, planted a few plants and bulbs for spring, spent HOURS teaching little ones, planned Smarty Pants Preschool's Pumpkin Patch Field Trip, decorated the house and porch for Halloween (yeahhhh!!!) and managed to squeeze in some fun things with Jaxson.

Of course, the never sleeping helps with getting a lot done.  I wouldn't recommend it:):) BUT...staying up all night will surely get things crossed off your list.

What I wouldn't give for a 8 hours straight of sleep!!!!


Have a wonderful week!


Ktbug said...

What is going on with you? Why the icky and no sleep? I did it for a year and believe me...eventually you go crazy. Hope your okay!

Mandi Brown said...

Sounds like your still plugging away like always, hope your doing good, we really need to chat.....

Brittany said...

Jaxon looks so old in those dinner pics. He's getting so big!....walking to the neighbor's house in the middle of the night and all.:) Yikes!