Monday, September 12, 2011

Scrapbook Pages!

Well....I have been working on one of my goals:)
I decided upon these it's only been one day of staying on task...but I am pretty proud of myself. I am trying to SIMPLIFY and instead of running around crazy busy like usual....I am staying home a few days a week and just hanging out with the little man. I scrubbed all the bathrooms today, then read books with Jaxson and we are currently watching "RIO" while I crank out scrapbook pages. I love digital scrapbooking because I can take a 6 month break and then get all caught up in a matter of weeks. LOVE that...because sometimes I'm just not in the mood to scrapbook.


I will be posting TONS more on my scrapbook blog later today.
This is a sneak peek at what I did from midnight to 3:00 a.m. last night:)
I should have known better than to take a nap!
I absolutely CANNOT TAKE A NAP...if I want to sleep at night.
Yesterday I cuddled up to Jarom, who was snoring on the couch, and dozed off for about 45 mintues.
I finally forced myself to climb into bed and sleep at about 3:30 a.m.


You've seen all these pictures before....but now they are finally in layouts and ready to be printed in my 2011 book. Hallelujah.



First day of Preschool 2011

The kid is obsessed with Dinosaurs! I bought him a Paint your own Dino kit and he LOVED every second of it. I could have died at this kit:) It is from Sweet favorite! Name: Stone Age

Jaxson turned 4 years old back in March! I like to document each year in my scrapbooks and write them a bday letter. I also do a page like this....with updated pictures of them around their bday and a list of things about them at this age:)

....and Peach Days 2011....which was exactly 2 days ago:) Wahoo.
I decided to hurry and get it done while I was editing the pictures. 



All pages were made in Photoshop by ME...I don't use templates or software that designs the layouts for me....for the several emails I will get wondering what program I use!
Also....ALL kits were purchased from Sweet Shoppe.

Names of kits are below:

Stone Age: Dino Pages
Easily Amused: Carnival Pages
Artists Canvas: 4 years old pages
ABCDEFUN: Back to Preschool pages




Amanda said...

You're amazing at this woman! Seriously I aim to be as good as you. With my one week of experience I guess I shouldn't judge myself haha! I just posted a bunch on my blog but I am not sure after seeing yours I want you to see haha! I did however discover sweet shoppe and will be dumping money by the day. I think I will need a scrapbooking budget now. Ugh! Way to go! I love em all!

Maranda said...

You are so talented Kristin! Your pages look awesome. Jaxson needs to stop growing! If it's possible he just keeps getting cuter!

Looks like you all had a blast on your Vegas vacation! We do need to catch up. Email me or call me when you get the chance. Now that I'm back in the good old Mucc I don't have much going on. Hope to chat soon!