Sunday, September 11, 2011

We're back...

We survived what was possibly the busiest few weeks of our lives.
Lots of fun, lots of FOOD, lots of celebrating, lots of family time, lots of sunscreen, lots of pictures taken.....complete exhaustion:)

Good luck scrolling through it all. I barely suvived it...and I LIVED it.

Rewind 2 weeks ago:

My little family leaves for Tahiti Resort in Vegas.
One week later we arrived back home on Monday night at midnight!

Tuesday: Jaxson (and his teacher...ME) started Preschool with 24 little preschoolers arriving bright and early:) I don't think I ever went to sleep that night. I unpacked and did laundry and prepared and worked until 9:00 a.m. when lots of little ones arrived for their "First day of School".
Jaxson also started another year of Tumbling on Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday: Jarom's brother got married and it was another early and busy morning at the temple, a nice luncheon at the lodge and an evening backyard reception. We arrived home late once again...exhausted. 

 Thursday morning and afternoon was Preschool again:)  Did I tell you I am teaching 2 sessions this year!! Why you ask??? Cuz I'm obviously addicted to stress:)

Friday my dad turned 50 and we met the entire family at Maddox for a celebration!
I'm pretty sure he liked his part of which was custom designed and made by Jarom (with a small amount of help from me:) hee hee.  It fulfilled a long time request of his to be more comfortable while swimming for days at a time during Powell trips each summer!

Saturday was a soccer game for Jaxson (in which he scored handfuls of clip below:) and our annual Brigham City Peach Days. After the game we hurried to Brigham for a parade, lunch, shops, the carnival and Maddox Fresh Peach Pie.

Today....I haven't removed my butt from the couch.
I am completely exhausted.
I need sleep.
My house is a wreck.

BUT...lots of memories have been made!
Below you will see video's of my little man's soccer game, his amazing swimming (wahoo), and pictures of our absolutely NUTS past 2 weeks. ( my video clips are in HD...does anyone know if blogger uploads files that big??? I've tried and tried...but it's not working:)


Rewind 2 weeks:

My little family arrives at Tahiti Resort.
Which ranks up there with Disneyland and Tubing at Lake Powell for the little man:)
He spent DAYS swimming and diving and floating the lazy river.


I will always remember this trip as the SUMMER my baby learned to swim!!!
He didn't use arm floaties, or a life jacket.....he just swam his heart out. 
I was sooo proud of him.


AN ENTIRE bag of redvines was promised!
....and 3 complete novels were read while I (the mom) laid lazily on my lounger:)


Jaxson exhausted himself daily playing catch and having squirt gun fights with dad:) 

Jaxson was a little fish! He loved practicing his swimming techniques.
 Private lessons was the best money I spent all summer:)
Look at my little fish!

"OUR HOME" for the week:)


We crammed a lot of fun and sight seeing into a week, I tell ya.
I needed a vacation FROM our vacation.

Jaxson passed out cold every night at about 6:00 p.m. The swimming and the sun zapped all of his energy....and he would take the best nap ever while we shopped and ate and had our fun:)
This particular evening he woke up in the "Outback Steakhouse" 4 stories above the strip.

He was not a happy camper....UNTIL....

We walked outside and showed him that we were only steps away from the M&M factory.
He then found some unused energy from somewhere in that little body:)


We spent the evening seeing some of the sites.
Unlce Ryan and Aunt Kelsey joined us for the fun. They both started law school at UNLV a few weeks ago:) Looks like the attorney's in the family will outnumber the rest of us soon enough. Oh the boring converstations to come......haha. 

The watershow at the Bellagio!

Jaxson continued to beg for toys and souvenirs the duration of the trip. Like most kiddos I assume:)
He left the Bellagio water show with a light saber that thrilled him.

One evening we toured the Lion Exhibit at MGM grand. Jaxson LOVED it.
He was such a sweetheart the entire trip and was having a blast being with mom and dad.
I love that it's become a tradition for him and that he looks forward to it all year. He already has so many memories of our summer trips together:) Makes all the laundry and stress of packing/unpacking completly worth it I guess!

We spent a lot of time shopping and letting Jaxson play on the darling village at Town Square.
I can't forget our daily trips to Yogurtland. YUM. It's our favorite:)
Jaxson built a 9.00 yogurt one evening while I was on the phone and Jarom forgot the "weigh at the end" concept. haha!

He loves the carousel at the outlet mall too:)
I think it's safe to say that the kiddo had the best week of his life!
See you next year Tahiti Resort:)
Jaxson has already started talking about it.

First Day of  PRESCHOOL 2011
(Jaxson also started Tumbling on Tuesday!)

Jaxson found his Name and Bin for his backpack. Even though mommy is his teacher and Jaxson is very comfortable at school....he is such a good listener and does exactly what the other children do every day.
I am very proud of him and love him to pieces.
He is such a good helper I couldn't do it without him.



Jaxson at the carnival eating a delicious corndog!
A wonderful way to kiss Summer goodbye:)

The red car...thanks to the flames....was his first choice for this ride! He was on cloud nine:)


Well....that's kissing Summer 2011 officially goodbye in pictures!
It was busy busy but we made handfuls of memories.

Hopefully the next few weeks will establish some kind of "back to school" routine at our house.
My goals are: a bed time for Jax, evening walks with my boys, homecooked dinner instead of running to bajio (haha), lots of one-on-one preschool homework with Jaxson and getting all caught up on my scrapbooking!

We will see how I do.

Happy Fall:)
We are back.

Love, ME

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