Saturday, September 17, 2011


I have had another FULL week.
I need to exercise more....or figure out something to get my butt in shape cuz chasing 24 preschoolers for 10 hours a week is doing me in!!! Doesn't sound like much....but...believe me, I sweat from every pore for those 5 hours each day. Then I spend another 15 plus hours preparing.

I was exhausted by Thursday afternoon:)

The perfect (and humiliating example) was when Jaxson walked to the neighbors today, knocked and announced...

"I am here to play! My mom is going to take a nap."

I laughed. Then curled up on the couch and zonked.
I might have called Jarom and told him how awful it was...but how I didn't have enough energy to walk next door, apologize and explain.

I am mother of the year right here.


So...I've watched the movie RIO with Jaxson about 4 more times since yesterday afternoon...and threw together a few more scrapbook pages while I sat.

Jaxson has another soccer game in the morning and I'm having a lot of fun watching my little man:) I wish I could figure out how to post a video clip of his goals. He makes me smile! My new video camera makes the files to big or something. That...and I'm far from technical, so the odds of figuring it out are slim to none:)

After his soccer game....I'll decide if we should attack our TO-DO list or lay on the couch.


For's 1:00 a.m. and the insomnia is in full-force. I am watching the Notebook (very very bad idea) and watching video clips of my baby.

Like this one.

You have no clue how badly I want to press the rewind button on my life....back to that exact moment.
That little boy is everything to me.
He sure LOVED a bat and a ball before he could even talk.


On to the pages....

Lake Powell (June trip)

Tumbling Recital June 2011

Mother's Day May 2011

Bee's Game August 2011

Only a few more pages before 2011 is all caught up.
Feels good.

Happy Weekend!

Love, Me


Kelly said...

have you tried uploading your videos on youtube and then putting them on your blog? My camera isn't HD so I don't know if that works, but that's how I do mine. Just a thought

allegra said...

Kristin, that video is HILARIOUS. and CUTE. he is so little yet has such good form:) He reminds me of Max so much. I just love little boys! It made me laugh when he missed, threw his bat down, then did a little dance. What a ham. He's got such a cute personality!!