Thursday, August 11, 2011

My little fish:)

We just got back from the Lake.
Less than 2 hours ago actually:)

I unpacked and got the laundry started in record time.
It usually takes a few days to recover from such fun.


Oh...and BATHED my child!
Scrubbed and scrubbed....and washed and clipped and lotioned and brushed every ounce of lake water off of him:) He is currently in fresh jammies and laying next to me smelling like heaven & playing with the FART NOISES App on his IPAD:) He keeps pressing the most digusting sounding button ever then shouting...."MOM!!!! EEWWWWWW!"
He is truly his father's son.


We LOVE Lake Powell.
but NOTHING feels quite like coming home and getting Reeaaalllly clean!

This was our 2nd trip there this summer.
Boating = Jaxson's Happy Place!
Thanks to my wonderful parents he gets to enjoy it a few times each summer.
We truly love heading there for the week and being "out of signal range" for days at a time.
Your aren't truly on vacation unless you are completed disconnected! No phone, no internet, no blog, no facebook...NOTHIN.


Did you know: I sometimes imagine myself with my crew of 4 or 5 children....all packed in and snuggling in my bed. NOTHING is better than the feeling of knowing we're all happy and safe and the end of the day. That is one of the things I love most about letting the little man sleep in the middle occasionally:):) 
I sleep wonderful knowing that he is right there with me.

Now if you ask Jarom...well...jax tends to hog Jarom's side of the bed so he doesn't quite share my same enthusiasm. For some reason he doesn't seem to appreciate the random elbows and knees he takes in the back/head/face. BUT....he enjoys it too...and gives in more than I do believe it or not:)


Rewind to a few weeks before Powell....We signed the little man up for some
Private Swimming Lessons.


I was such a proud mama!!!!
Let me tell you....Kristi Brian is a miracle worker:)


To say that my child had grown quite fond of his life jacket would be an understatement. I think I put the fear of you-know-who in him during our last trip to Powell. Consequently, he refused to remove it EVER.
Me + Relaxed = Not gonna happen.
 AROUND WATER you can multiply my stress by about 1000.

 With the amount of time we spend in the water each summer...I felt strongly about him being able to swim and be safe WITHOUT that Jacket.

I am happy to report that my little man went from FREAKING OUT when water touched his face to going all the way under, touching the bottom, doing the front and back stroke, floating on his back all by himself, jumping in from the side, etc.

I was jumping up and down and screaming at every lesson.
I may post a little video clip of his front stroke for your viewing pleasure:)
Also for your viewing pleaser....I give you the scariest picture of all time.
2 seconds after snapping this picture....Jaxson kindly asked his teacher to loosen his goggles. They were a bit tight and therefore distorting his vision amongs other things:)
How could someone so cute....look so absolutely hideous at the same time?!?!

Bless his little heart.

This picture is a keeper. I think I'll give it to his girlfriend someday.

This trip to Powell was particularly wonderful.
Perfect weather, good food, no rush, happy child, no phone service.

I about died of the worst stomach ache of my life on the drive there...and HOLY HEARTBURN....I consumed half a bottle of Tums which did absolutely nothing...but we eventually arrived and I am happy to report we had a fabulous time with my family.


Jaxson was showing off and consuming bucket loads of adult-attention within hours of arriving.

Here he is flexing for my SIL (his girlfriend and major crush) Aunt Kelsey.

Heaven help me.
The only comment I can make about the below photo is.....
I body has been on strike lately. You name's probably failed or tried to kill me:)
Although I don't look fabulous...I guess this picture is proof that I'm alive and that I'll do anything...regardless of how make Jaxson smile!

I fell in love with this picture.
This pretty much sums it up!
(mom...make dad look at this picture of jax:)

Jaxson is most definitely at his ultimate high!!!
 Getting thrown around on a tube lake powell...with his daddy!
Thanks grandpa for the vacation!

Wow. 4 days with no shower, no blow dryer & bathing in Lake water.
This is what you get:)

Blogging has been next to impossible for me lately.
I have NOT wanted to sit down and take the time.
I am always so glad that I did....because Jaxson will love to look back at these family memories we are making.

One more vacation before summer 2011 comes to an end!

Jaxson is excited for preschool to start again.
I am excited for some kind of routine in my life!

Love, Me

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Michelle said...

Looks like such fun! We missed you at Cherry Hill!