Thursday, July 21, 2011


Jaxson is being particularly angelic lately. Did you know that?

I have days in which I need Jarom to remove him from my presence before I whack him making that known kinda justifies me telling you how absolutely fabulous he makes my life sometimes too, doesn't it?!? :)

He does.

He is what keeps me going.

Tonight he said to me....while shopping at Kohls at 10:30 p.m. (hey, I hit flying J and bought him a Cherry Icee so he wouldn't whine during my browsing)....he so kindly found a pair of silver flip-flops and announced: VERY ANIMATED might I add...
 "Mom. You would look like the most beautiful Woman if you wore these shiney flip-flops!"

He has also thanked me and kissed me for every single thing I have done for him today.
Took him to swimming lessons. Big Kiss and Thank you.
Picked out his clothes. Thank you.
Opened his door and unlatched his carseat buckles. Big hug and a Thank you!

I learned a lot from him today about being appreciative....even for the little things that we grow to EXPECT from those around us. Kids truly are the best teachers:) What would I do without that little man in my life??!?!


The past 2 weeks at our house:

Lots of time in the Sun.
Some private swimming lessons for the little man.
I have been reading a TON.
Getting geared up for Lake Powell Vacation #2 of the summer.
A little bit of decorating:)
I found the cutest accent chairs you've ever laid eyes on.
I was having a particularly "This is irresponsible...but I don't care right now....I am stressed and sad" I brought those babies home with me. They make me happy:) They make Jarom slightly less-happy than they make me....but he's being reeeeaaaalllllly understanding right now.
He's a real sweetheart sometimes.


oh and I go to court tomorrow.
I wish I could share the juicy details...but not sure how that all works:)
Am I nervous? Kinda.

I did, however, hire myself an attorney that ain't to shabby from what I I'll survive it I guess:)
Plus...I told him that I would be generous if he prevented me from having any stressful or scary moments during the whole fiasco.

Sometimes with all the drama in my life I feel like I could write a book!


The best news of the week:
My HVAC guy is installing a vent in my bathroom my I don't melt while trying to blow dry my hair every morning. YYYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!

I am being totally serious.
The hot flashes I have been experiencing are not even fair.

You don't even know how much this will improve my quality of life. ha!


I had lots more to update....but glancing at the clock and seeing 1:45 a.m. is not comforting.
I guess I will be skipping my morning Run/exercise regimine.
Oh yah....I don't exercise. Or Run.
I guess I will sleep in until 9:30...cuddling my little stinkbug (Jaxson...not Jarom) like I usually do. Ha!

I guess you could call this a major slump I'm in.
Or you could call it Summer.

Either way....
It's refreshing being lazy sometimes dontcha think?!? 


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