Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby fix:)

I spent the week at my sister's cuddling this little thing.
It's ok to be jealous:)


I think I've introduced you to Baby Alexis before....and I will probably do so a million more times:)

I you not want to jump into this picture and squish her???
I stick my face in her neck crink and kiss, kiss, kiss and grit my teeth...trying to refrain from eating her for lunch. She is so precious. And smells like heaven. And makes some insanely funny facial expressions.

If you could write a list of wants in a baby....she's it.
Good eater.
Good pooper.
Tiny and precious.
Full head of dark hair.
Full head of dark hair.
Full head of dark hair.

(My child got his first the age of 18 months by the way:)


I then came home to dishes....laundry...and a house that, although not too bad, still looked like a man had been alone in it for weeks:) It has only been a few days. ha!

Oh boy.....Men and their helplessness.
The good news is...while I was gone I got a call from my husband that went a little something like this...

Me: "hello"
Jarom: "How in the crap do people live alone."
Me: "So you miss me huh?"
Jarom: "I guess you could say that."


I came home....unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher....turned on the lights...opened the blinds for pete sake...used half a can of Febreze (Gain scent....yyyuuuuummmmmm) and vacuumed the floor.
Oh and made dinner.

What do you felt like a home.

I think he's relieved he doesn't have to consume another little ceaser's pizza for dinner.
I think he likes having me around. :):)

Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder!

Now...more of Alexis.

Now....back to life with my baby.

The one who just said this:

"Mom! Today I was watching "De-fick-able Me" and there is a little girl....she's 2....and she is INCESSED with unicorns. I mean...INCESSED!" (translation: obsessed).

Jarom then asks: A unicorn? What's a unicorn?!?

Jaxson: " Um. Well. It's a horse with a really pointy thing on it's forehead."

Jarom: "Like a horn"

Jaxson: "Yes dad. Like a MAGICAL horn."


We about died laughing.
Jarom honey,  you totally deserve basically begged for it:)


I love when our little man says something and makes Jarom cringe. It's Priceless:)


It's good to be home.
It feels good to be needed:)

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