Thursday, July 7, 2011

My four year old...

Yesterday I was manipulated.
It was quite shocking be the mother of a little baby...then have the child grow a brain that is smart enough to use things I want to get things he wants.

He had been begging me all morning for some wierdo, semi-violent X-men game on the Ipad. I said no. He buys one every single day...and I need to put my foot down.

He begged and begged and made promises: I will be a good listener! I love you! You are the most beautiful woman in the world! I hate you! I will not go on any errands if you don't buy it! Look mom....I put it in the cart....I just need your password! (the last one in a sweet high-pitched fake voice)

Oh....the smart little turd. How did he get so grownup and smart anyhow????

Then....I flipped open my planner. I haven't used the thing in weeks....cuz, well.....I haven't had to do anything in weeks. 


Oh no....I was 20 minutes late to an appointment.  

 I shouted for Jaxson to grab the IPAD (The babysitter) and his shoes and meet me in the garage: PRONTO!

He got a bizarre look on his face and I saw his wheels begin to turn.
At that moment I knew that my baby was gone...officially gone....and my sassy and ridiculously handsome KID was standing in his place:) 

" I would be happy to put my shoes on....IF you enter your password right here...."
(handing me the IPAD with his game already in the cart and ready to be paid for....and a smirk on his face that meant he knew I was cornered).

I couldn't fight with him. No time.
I couldn't have him complain of boredom for and hour while he watched me get my nails done. No patience.

What did I do??
What any mother in a hurry, that is suddenly panged with guilt that her child is being hurried and shouted at and being forced to come and sit for over an hour bored out of his mind & hungry....would do!

I entered the password....paid for it and grabbed him a chocolate chip granola bar for lunch.

He skipped to the car with a grin.

---- it's documented.
He won
He knew what he was doing.

p.s. I'm certain that kind of behavior will annoy me when he's older...but for now...I laughed. All it did was make me giggle and want to interupt Jarom's work day to call and tell him all about our little stinker: so we could laugh together).


I could I get mad at this face:)
and the "scrunched-nose smile" that he unfortunately got from his mother.


Ordering a HUGE panoramic canvas of this to go above his bed:) Oh...I'm so excited. 

I'm a bit late....but here are a few snapshots of my new FOUR YEAR OLD.

Jaxson John Bishop
4 years and 4 months

I love you little sure keep me on my toes!

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my dear friend I love your new blog....Clean and pretty. I will copy for sure. I love it. Mandi