Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Fourth at our house...

I'm alive.
Considering my blog said "WELCOME APRIL" until about five minutes ago...I'm not entirely on my game lately. Jarom said it's kinda nice:) haha.

I think I'm more lazy. He thinks I'm more relaxed.
As long as he doesn't care that I don't cook.....I'll go with it.


The 4th was pretty laid back this year. Sometimes that's nice...although I would have loved to deck my entire family in red, white and blue and head straight to Stadium of Fire! Maybe next year....this year was more about watching Jaxson have fun and seeing my husband. Man he works a lot lately:)

We spent some time celebrating with family and relaxing. The usual Barbeque, fireworks, some shopping and we took the little man to Lagoon and spoiled him for an entire day.

4th of July
Aunt Lisa's Barbeque 2011

Jaxson finally got a cousin! Except she was 7 days old and wasn't as thrilled about setting off stink bombs as my little cousing Brenner was. I am sure glad they have each other!
They ran and ran and wrestled and did fireworks until about 11:00 p.m.
Then crashed. 

Jaxson meeting his very First Cousin: Baby Alexis.
He wasn't so sure at first...but he warmed up and wanted to hold her and kiss her.
I don't know what he thought! It was just shocking that she wasn't in Aunt Kayla's tummy anymore:)

She got mauled and passed around. All 5 pounds of her.  
Me and my brother Ryan examining baby Alexis:)

All of my siblings minus my Brother Stephen who is serving a mission in Korea!

Nate, Kayla & Alexis, Jarom, Me and Jax, Ryan and Kelsey. 

On the actual Holiday we headed straight to Lagoon!
I woke up and was determined to have a fun day for Jaxson.
No mowing the lawn.
No yard work.
No errands.

Just fun.

I must me getting old....I nearly vomited.
But at least I took my child on it....Jarom wouldn't even step foot on the ride....we both know he would have vomited in the first 2 seconds. Weak:)

Jaxson's FAVORITE ride of all time. So cute and fun. He rode it 4 times....gut laughing the entire time. He made sure to soak his daddy...he steared them directly into the fountains of water you were suppose to avoid:)

They had to play Speedball.
Something about their obsession with baseball????

Jarom won Jaxson a big bat. He was on cloud 9...and proceeded to whack us with it the rest of the day. 
I found myself hoping the thing would get a small leak and put us out of our misery:)

Theme Park food is 1-disgusting, 2- overpriced.
BUT....I decided to give in rather than fight which led to my child consuming:
One ice cream cone
Two blue-raspberry icee's
An Entire bag of Cotton Candy
& a Subway Sandwhich.

Afterward we headed straight to Chili's:)

Daddy getting out the wallet: for more junk) haha.
Jaxson was LOVING his "Get whatever you want day".

We ended it with the Davis Fireworks. Jaxson was HYPER...may have been being out so late and doing fun stuff all day....might have been a sugar-induced high. It was a great day.

Even though Jarom and I had to somewhat "endure" the nastiness that is is sure worth it to see your child so excited, isn't it?) Sometimes I have to work at "having fun" instead of always staying "on task"....but I know it's super important to make it a priority. I can think of about 10 things I would have rather dropped 200 bucks on...haha, BUT Jaxson can't stop talking about it and so I know it will always be a fond memory for him! And that's priceless to me.

I don't think he would have remembered us washing the car and weeding the planters:)


I re-vamped the blog a bit.
Simplified it:) Bigger pictures....Less Side crap.
Oh...and I have those nifty links to my preschool (lots of fun 3-4 year old ideas) and my digital scrapbook blog...which I just updated with 70 scrapbook pages:)

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!
I'm back.

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What an AWESOME way to spend the holiday!