Sunday, June 26, 2011


The first month of Summer was completely nuts!!!
I am exhausted even looking at the pictures:)

...scroll down and take a peek....
you will see what I mean:)

We have spent 3 days a week at Cherry Hill:)
Evenings in our sister Kelsey's beautiful backyard pool and hottub:) I prefer this to Cherry Hill....BEAUTIFUL and PRIVATE.
Tball games
Tumbling Recitals
Baby Showers
Baby Arriving!

and more.

It has been a blast....something to do everyday for sure...but I am excited for July and a few (hopefully) relaxing days to come.


I'll start with my sister's Baby Shower a few weeks ago!
She (was) due on July 10th...and we had a darling girly shower for her on June 11th.

Me and my sister, sister-in-law, and cousins at my house...right before the shower!


Fast forward 2 weeks and Baby Alexis made her arrival 2 weeks early.
She is super sweet and TINY. 6 pounds. Full head of Dark Hair.
We'll keep her.

Private Pool Swimming Party!
Just the way I like it.
I float and lounge and eat and play with my boy...without an audience. Wahoo:)

Aunt Kelsey taught him how to blow water through teh noodle! He was gut laughing...and shooting everyone the rest of the afternoon! Love this kids laugh.

Jaxson had his big end of the year Tumbling Recital. I was kinda onry about going to dress rehearsal and the whole $50.00 costume for 1 minute performance thing...especially because he's not a girl if you haven't noticed:) BUT...I loved it. I'm not gonna lie...watching him up there ham it up made me smile. He has so much personality. He was loving it up there in front of hundreds of people. Maybe I'll post the video clip!

I was so proud.
Prior to his Recital I snapped a few pictures on the porch.
He was really hyper and happy this day...and was a total goof.
This is the child that I know...but nobody gets to see very often.
The NOT SHY...SHOW OFF...version.

He got his scrunched nose smile from his mama:)
We crinkle our noses when we smile or think somethings funny. Ugly...but involuntary:) haha

Oh boy. I will keep these two.
Bother hilarious. Both handsme. Both have beautiful eyes. Both put up with my craziness.

We've crammed in a few playdates with friends and sponge painting/crafts during the afternoons!
Jaxson wanted to sponge paint last week after sponge paint we did.

Today we have my friend Brittany and her baby Roman visiting! Always so fun to have company. Always fun to have company AND a 4 year old show-off. Heaven help me...he has reached THAT age...where he is center of attention:) Please let it pass quickly.

The secret truth is...when they are want to kiss the crap out of them and you simultaneously recognize 1- how annoying they are being 2- yet fail to care because you partly agree with them: They are awesome!



We took an evening walk to the park, played soccer and ate dinner outside on the deck.
It was a relaxing Sunday.
Bonus: me and jarom got put in
aaaagggghhhhh...I love it. I don't think they've ever had someone so enthusiastically accept a calling before.
I LOVE being with Jarom.
I was giddy at church.
plus...he plans the lessons...I bring the sweets to share:)
We work well together....what can I say.


Hope you are having a fabulous Summer!


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Ally said...

Cute, cute shower!! So excited for you and your little niece--she is beautiful!