Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day

Father's Day 2011

I couldn't go without a proper post dedicated to the dad in our little family.

Jarom is impossible to define:)
I did my best telling him how I makes him embarrassed I think....cuz I really don't hold back in the "mushy love letter" department. What's the point in being shy I say???? :)

All I know is I want to be just like him.
I also know that Jaxson is lucky to have him.

A few of my favorite things:

He is the calm and kind one when I have lost all ability to be nice.
He is the rational one when I've lost all ability to think rationally.
He is NON-emotional....which is a blessing because I have enough emotion for the both of us:)
He is my perfect compliment...and makes me look a lot better than I am. haha.
He keeps me thinking with a "long term perspective" in all things and has a way about him that keeps me working to be better:) 

He has such a quiet confidence about him.
He makes people feel comfortable and is always more concerned with others than himself.
He is 110% comfortable with who he is. Where he's at in life, his strengths...his weaknesses. He is Never competitive. Not on the field or court...or in life.

He is patient, hilarious and patient.
Did I say patient???

It is almost impossible to make him upset. He is grounded, laid back and has such a kind heart. He is very athletic and looks fabulous in any and all uniforms:)


Just to name a few!!!


We got him a few gifts to show our love

Jaxson thinking "I bet he'll give me these gummy bears I just gave him...." while hugging dad.
Yep...he did.

Two peas in a pod.

This little boy gets A LOT of one-on-one time with his daddy.
He is obsessed.
They are best buds.
I feel left out about 20% of the time.

The other 80% of the time......
I am snapping pictures and thinking all sorts of mushy stuff about seeing them together:)

I need help. Serious.

We also found a little anthill in our front yard.
A little boy's heaven.
Jaxson's nightmare.

He's his mother's son in the moving, creepy-crawler department.
He was stomping and stomping them to death as fast as his little feet would move. 

Things took a dark turn when one of them faked dead....then crawled up his sandle and onto his toes.

The kid can get severely hurt and not shed a tear....but THAT made him hysterical.
I think he was mimicking my reaction when I get within 5 feet of a I am to blame for that...but WOW.

Summer (the few warm days we've had thus far) is going great. It's going by too fast and I already find myself getting stressed about FALL and school starting and WORK:)

I like being lazy when I choose...and evening walks with my boys.
I like trips to get a snowie and days spent walking the lazy river at Cherry Hill.
I like yardwork. I like watering my 11 planters of geraniums. (I am serious.)

Now if it can consistently be 80 degrees I would be truly happy.

I hope you are having a fabulous Summer!!!


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Bryce & Brittany said...

I love that Jarom & Jaxson are wearing matching church outfits! So cute! I will agree that Jarom is a great guy. Count your blessings for that. There aren't many out there.:)