Wednesday, August 24, 2011


August has been nuts. Lots of great memories have been it's been worth the exhaustion:)
I am super antsy for school tp start....BUT we have sure made the most of this last month of Summer!

We took Brittany and Roman (some of our bestest friends from Law School) to Cherry Hill:) They came to visit us for a WEEK and we had so much fun. We had to show them our favorite swimming spot.

We also took them to Jensen Nature Park to feed the ducks and have a nice relaxing walk....which actually left us quite windblown and sweaty...but the boys had a great time:)

It's quite easy for Jaxson to become THRILLED by throwing rocks in a lake for hours on end!


One night last week, daddy insisted on spending the night at the Ballpark. So that's just what we did. The night was complete with hot dogs & $6.00 (Rip-Off) bags of cotton candy. I thought the little man had died and gone to heaven.

 Papa Bishop buys us Season tickets every FRONT ROW makes things a bit more exciting, especially for the little man! He had his glove on...ready and waiting for a foul ball the entire game.

I was terrified that the foul ball would take our heads off. Being THAT CLOSE scares the crap out of me:)

Jarom gave in and forked over the 6.00 bucks for a bag of cotton candy. Isn't that just sick?!?! Expensive I mean...not gross. It was actually delicious...I ate half the bag myself.

Between innings, Jarom took Jax to the souvenir shop. He was beyond excited to pick out a bees baseball.
Can you tell by the way he is looking at his daddy?!?!
He was definitely having the time of his life. Candy, baseball, time with his dad.

He was so animated and hilaroius during the game. He was hamming it up for the crowd.
The lady a row away shouted to me....
"It's pretty unfortunate! Your kids isn't that cute! Not at all:)"

They were more interested in watching him than the game.

Jaxson starts soccer season this Saturday with his very first game. He is playing La Roca with some darling little friends.  His little UNIFORM is the cutest thing ever too, I might add. Dad bought him some little cleats....and the couch let him pick his very own number and jersey.

 I keep calling it a "costume":) whoops. Today he announced to his dad...."I can't wait to wear my costume!"
Ummmm. That would be my fault honey.


Anyway...we have a big day planned for him after his game.

His obsession with Dinosaurs is currently (still) at an all time high.
SOOOOOO....we are surprising him and taking him to ZOORASSIC at the Hogle Zoo.!
(pictures to come...of my little man posing with a T-rex:) hee hee.

Very fitting since he's been watching Jurassic Park all week on TV.


Monday we head to Tahiti Resort to spend the last official week of our summer trying to soak up the sun, wear Jaxson out completely, relax and spend some much needed FAMILY TOGETHER TIME.
Jarom has been working crazy hours both of us are looking forward to seeing him.
Plus...Tahiti Village is Jaxsons Heaven on Earth.

We have made it a yearly tradition and he NEVER forgets.
He started asking..."When is Vegas. When is Vegas Mommy?"  back in February.

I didn't think we'd make it to Labor Day weekend....but it is just around the corner.
Life has been super stressful lately! It has thrown me a few curveballs that's for sure. I have been busy trying to complete all last minute preparations for preschool to start. Tomorrow night is my "Back to School Open House" that means lots of CLEANING is on the list for tomorrow:)


I hope you all are having a wonderful summer!
Maybe a few of you are ready for Fall?!?! Anyone but me?!?
I can't wait.

Love, Me

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Maranda said...

Your little family is too cute! Jaxson is huge! He's like a little man. I remember he was all I watched when we went to a ball game in Omaha. He stole the show back then too! I'm one of those ready for fall, but then who wouldn't be when your room is 80 degress at night cause a stupid swamp cooler doesn't make it all the way back there! ha ;) Haven't talked to you in so long. Hope you're doing well! Send me an email or something with an update. I'd love to hear from you :)