Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Powell Trip #1: 2011

Lake Powell is heaven on earth for my son.
It is really one of our favorite family vacations every summer.

This year we got lucky....and my dad bought a beautiful New Houseboat. It was so much fun...warm showers, big bathrooms, wonderful food, movies under the stars every didn't feel much like roughin it at all:) 

Jaxson was hyper and lauging the entire week. He passed out every night and slept like a rock from all the hiking, swimming, tubing, lizard chasing, squirt gunning, etc.

We can't wait to go back in August! My parent's go for 3 weeks each summer...and I plan on tagging along:)

 (daddy took Jax hiking to the ancient ruins...while mom ate red vines and relaxed in the boat:)

Jaxson was SOOOO excited to have my cousin Brenner there.
As you least I think I've mentioned it at least 97 times....Jaxson is the ONLY grandchild.
He doesn't have a single cousin. It can get extremely lonely....and more often that not...a little overwhelming taking all the attention and affection.

SO....I lent him mine. Cousin that is.
Little 4 year old Brenner is MY COUSIN.

It couldn't have worked out more fabulous. They were joined at the hip the entire trip. They played so perfectly together!!! They share an unparalleled love for Dino's and they both LOVE the water and getting pulled on the tube!

The entire family (but me and my mother:) hiked the big crack! It looked a lot scarier than it actually was Jarom assured me. I don't know what happened to me...BUT the moment they put Jaxson in my arms 4 years ago I became a chicken:) I preferred WATCHING from the boat and snapping pictures:)

The boys spent the mornings playing with Dino's!

My boy. Boat Ride. Enjoying the Sunshine. June 5, 2011.

When I asked the little man what his favorite part of the trip was....he said...
"Watching Ryan Wakeboard."

Really? I thought it was chasing and throwing rocks at lizards, tube riding with daddy, shooting the water launchers, sleeping right between mom and dad under the stars or helping papa drive the boat:)

He has learned to perfectly mimick my facial expressions.
Even the sassy ones:)

Calked and loaded!
Only....I refused to let him squirt me.
 It was hot hot hot...90 degrees outside...BUT the water was freezing!

Like's hard to come home from vacation!
I like getting Jarom for more than 2 wimpy hours in the evening.

I like not cooking, cleaning or having responsibilities.

I admite...I've kinda fell into "relaxed" mode without having a baby or "really little" one running around.
Jaxson is my sweetheart and cuddlebug...but he is independant and takes care of himself for the most part.
He is making my life super easy right now.
Which is NOT GOOD. I'm afraid if it ever changes...I will go into shock! :):) 

The best part is seeing him so happy and excited.
Jarom can always be found with the camcorder glued to his hand...and I've got the camera glued to mine!


I sat back and watched him squeal and laugh for 5 days straight and I couldn't help but think...
"Being a parent is the sweetest job ever."

Especially being the mommy of an over-excited, easy-to-please four year old.

Hope you are having a fabulous summer so far:)

If I find the motivation or time to update my blog header from APRIL to JUNE it will be a complete miracle.
I'm sure if will start bugging me one of these days. It just hasn't yet:)

Love, Me


Mandi Brown said...

man I love lake powell,,,,,super fun

Maranda said...

Lake Powell is a little heaven on earth! My family goes a few times every summer and I'm sad that the last several summers we haven't been able to go.:( This is why we need to get back to Utah ASAP! I'm glad you all enjoyed your vacation.

Tara and Andrew said...

We LOVE Lake Powell! It really is the only way to vacation. You can take us if you want:)

Bryce & Brittany said...

Yay for Lake Powell! I haven't been there in years but seeing the pictures reminds me of how beautiful it is. Looks like you guys had a fun vacation!

Kayla Bartholomew said...

Looks like you guys had a fun trip :) even without me there! Jax is such a little stud with his glasses him.