Friday, May 27, 2011

His Piggy Bank..

Today was the day! (Well...yesterday acually:)

We emptied the Little Man's Piggy Bank. 

It was time for all the hard work and saving to pay off. The little man was SOOOO excited to cash in and get some new things. It was a fun morning we had. Just me and baby. I mean toddler. I mean 42 pound child. He is getting soooo big.

 I can call him my toddler until Kindergarten by the way. That is my rule.
Thank goodness we have A LONG time before kindergarten:)

He has been VERY excited for our upcoming Lake Powell Vacation and wanted to buy new Sand Toys/Pool toys. Well....the truth is....I knew that he would want Sand toys/pool toys until the precise moment we entered the toy isle....THEN he would head straight for the Dino's.

I was right.

He then had to be RE-convinced that Sand toys/pool toys were going to make the beach and water way more fun for him:) It wasn't that hard this time actually.

We currently have over 100 dino's at our house. I think that should do. Don't you?

He has been a TON of help lately! He is very good about doing chores and always wanting to help clean-up.
However, he prefers the things that I get to do: mop, dust, etc.

Instead he gets to pick up toys and unload the dishwasher:)
But he does it with a smile and some HOPE that he'll get a handful of change for his "Collection".
(He has more COLLETIONS lately than I know what to do with!)

Earlier this week he made a giant pile of hangers in my closet....because....obviously MOM it was his HANGER COLLECTION!!! I should have known. What was I thinking.

Crazy kid. 

He carefully separated all the "silver money" and the "brown money".
He HATES brown money.
He is NOT interested in BROWN MONEY.
It's not worth as much:)


UNTIL mommy used it as an opportunity to show him that pennies are cool too:)
We loaded them up and took them to the Change machine. Out popped 3 bucks.
The kids is now IN LOVE with pennies.

A quick trip to Target and WAHLAH....the kiddo has A PILE of new Sand toys/pool toys for Lake Powell.
After he paid and checked out....he shouted...


Me, my mother AND the Target cashier had a good laugh.
Where did he come from?!?!?

It was hard work. All that shopping and counting and sorting.

Time for lunch.

Can anybody else's child look like that after a chocolate pudding?!?

Me and Jarom are FLOORED as to how he can get more on his face lately...than he does in his mouth.
It is pretty amazing to watch actually....but he is talented like that.

Have a wonderful Friday Night.

I miss Jarom so much by then:)
Only 4 more hours til he's home.


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