Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I bought the kid a package of Dino popsicles while on our grocery shopping trip early Monday Morning. His superhero ones ran out (they were darling by the way). Have you seen them?
Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman....super cute.
They have so many fun things to fit every obsession these days.

He gasped and started thanking me over and over as he unwrapped it and started licking.
He paused....looked at the popsicle...then he looked at me and said,
"wait a second...did you STEAL these for me....or did you BUY them for me?!?"

Ummmmm...whattya think son?

He is so stinking hilarious.
Jarom I feel bad for you that I get to be the one to hang out with all day:) Sorry.


I think I've mentioned the little man's obsession with Dinosaurs...oh...about 45 times. 
It is interesting how much he knows about them...considering I don't have a clue:)
I sometimes ask myself WHERE he learns half of what he knows?!?
I have read him a few books about them....but his knowledge is more extensive than what Dr. Suess has to say about fossils:)

 I refuse to admit it outloud...but it may be from TV.
I'm not certain...but just maybe:) hahaha.  


Summer is here.
Not the sunshine and afternoons swimming at Cherry Hill quite yet...but

Which means the little man (and me....although I hate to admit it) are bored crazy. I thought I would be excited and ready for a break...but I am going to have to brainstorm some things to fill my time. That or I will gain 50 pounds...cuz today I paced and ate...paced and ate. Red Vines, Pringles, candy....blah.
That's what boredom does to me:) Convinces me I'm hungry.

Then I had to run 3 miles...which was torture....and I probably burned off only 1/3 of the red vines I consumed today. S.T.U.P.I.D. but that's not my point.....

My point is that....
Jaxson has also reached the age of "HAVE TO BE DOING SOMETHING AT ALL TIMES".

Maybe it's not so much an "age" thing...but that he is related to me thing.
I am truly working on RELAXING. I think it's a defect...for real. The inability to just sit, watch TV, have favorite shows that I can't miss, not be doing something. My TV doesn't even turn on during the day. Not even for Background noise. I'd rather scrub to music:) Why am I so wierd????

For pete sake...I have to be scrapbooking, cutting out preschool crafts or stitching a decorative pillow just to make it through a movie. I like my hands to stay busy. See---I'm almost positive it's a defect.


While browsing Ross with my Sister and Mom the other afternoon....
(they came to take me to Zupa's and shopping for my bday)
I found this darling "paint your own Dino's kit".

To say he was excited is an understatement.

Nanny helped with the Stegasaurus.

He has carried them around since the moment they dried.
They go to the grocery store, the doctor (we have ear infections at our house) and sleep tucked into his bed beside him.

A few mornings I've rolled over in my own bed...to find the Pteryadactol stabbing me in the back:)


Hopefully I can find a few more darling BOY activities and projects to keep him busy this summer:)

Thank you ROSS.
That was the best $10.00 evening he's had in a while!

....and you know I love to see him happy....

Happy Tuesday.
I am signing up for Camera Classes & Cleaning out my fruit room & Lysoling all the PLAY FOOD in my preschool classroom. I think the plastic stick of celery has been knawed on by every single one of them. hahah! I just COULD NOT convince them it wasn't real.

Hope yours is more exciting:)
Love, Me

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