Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm 27!

Saturday I turned 27.
With Mother's Day and my B-day all wrapped up into a couple of weeks I end up feeling really loved and appreciated by the end of May:)

Too bad it doesn't stretch the fun into more months of the year.


Jarom is a sweetheart.
This was one of my most memorable birthdays yet thanks to him:)
I woke up to Jaxson singing "good morning sunshine!" to me.
I sing that song every morning of his life...and I never knew that he noticed!
 It was really sweet that he remembered it was my birthday and was so excited to help celebrate.
He is REALLY into picking out surprises and couldn't WAIT to give them.


Jax gave me a BATMAN card, Toms & a new beach towel for Lake Powell.
OH...and lots of candy for our roadtrip! Jarom got me another hilarious card and informed me that my present is on ORDER and is currently sold out nationwide:) It was just so good to spend the day with both of them.
Yay for birthdays falling on a Saturday:)

Ice-Cream cake! MY FAVORITE.
We wanted to celebrate a bit with Jaxson before we headed off!

We had a fun morning taking Jaxson to his very first T-ball game.
It was the perfect way to spend my birthday!
I am so excited for years of watching this little guy on the field.

My little man Rounding Third!

After the game we had a barbeque and then dropped off the little man at a friend's for the weekend!
He was so excited for his first Sleepover...and I was excited to spend some alone time with Daddy:)


Jarom planned a roadtrip for the two of us. Best present ever.  
We stopped for milkshakes, ate lots of licorice, talked about all the baby names we can't believe people choose:), laughed and laughed and hit Texas roadhouse twice. Why do birthdays always involve so much food?!?! I love it. Why am I still so clingy and in love after 7.5 years of being married?!?

Saturday we got dressed up and went to WICKED!
It's been on my TO-DO list for a long long time now.
Jarom remembers sweet things like that and makes em' happen.

It was amazing.
I laughed...I bawled...I was in heaven.
I can't stop singing the songs.


We got back late and then bright and early we were thrown into Busy Mode.
Jaxson started swimming lessons this morning...which means we are officially running to the following things each week: Preschool, T-ball, Tumbling, & Swimming. Thank goodness we have a few months until Soccer.

I love this little kid.

I mean...look at that face. I think he turned around every 2 minutes to see if I was still there.
We are going through a major Separation Anxiety phase right now. Oh boy.

Preschool Graduation is this week!
I will be one happy girl come Friday afternoon.
I am ready for SUMMER.
Hope you have a wonderful week:)

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michelle said...

Happy late Birthday! It looks like a great one! I am so jealous of your trip to see Wicked! I just might trade my trip for yours!