Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend!

(Jaxson running through sprinklers on saturday afternoon)

The weather was beautiful on Saturday. It made us so excited for summer:)

We spent the ENTIRE day outside. We worked in the yard (I had quite the to-do list for Jarom:), planted LOTS, grilled out for lunch AND dinner, Jaxson ran through the sprinklers for almost 2 hours (& GOT REALLY SUNBURNED:)...I have no clue what I was thinking...mother of the year right here! We went for an evening walk around the neighborhood and delivered a billion Thank-You cards to all the wonderful people who have helped me through this rough week in my life:)

I took a nap on the deck...while Jarom and Jaxson practiced baseball drills.
It was so relaxing and warm. I may have drooled all over my patio furniture cushion! haha.'s been a hard week for me. I literally felt like I had been beaten with a bat from the neck down!
Thankfully....each day brings more progress and I can finally lift my head from the pillow without throwing up. Oh...and I haven't taken a single pain pill since last sunday:) So---with some luck...I think I'm finally on the mend. Also-all the cold sores from stress are finally going away...hallelujah!

STILL---I hate not feeling like myself.
This week has kicked my butt. I can't get up and go like normal....and that's been hard for me. I just want to feel like ME! Oh.....I can't wait to feel normal:):) I can't wait to feel normal:)


Saturday was the perfect day. 
I'm hoping for many more to come  just like it.  

My boys made the day pretty special for me.
Before church they each gave me a surprise & a card.

 Jarom prides himself on finding the dirtiest card on the shelf...this year it happened to be a B-day card in which he crossed out HAPPY BIRTHDAY & scribbled HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. made made ne gut laugh and I guess it did it's job!

He surprised me with TICKETS TO WICKED!
WAHOOOOOOOOO! It was definitely a surprise. We leave right after Jaxson's T-ball game this weekend.

Just me and him....a weekend to see Wicked!
I was so excited & grateful. It was so sweet.

Jaxson got me a Disney princess card & signed his name himself!
He was so excited to pick it out!
He also got me his favorite: Hershey's cookies & cream candy bar!
The huge I could share with him I'm sure:)

I feel lucky to be his mother. He's one sweet little boy. 

Mother's Day
Sunday May 8, 2011

The best part of our day was spent visiting our MOTHER'S & both Nanny's in B.C.
We were able to visit and eat a yummy dinner at both grandparent's house before talking to my brother Stephen who is serving a mission in Korea. It was good to hear his voice! I got to tell him all the juicey details....and believe me I did....of the last 8 days of my life. I think I successfully won his pity:)

My mom AND mother-in-law each gave me a darling gift too:)
I am lucky to have them both. When one is busy...the other is always there....willing to help, take Jaxson or lend a listening ear for me to vent! (I do this too often:)

It was a wonderful weekend...and now we eare back to depressing MONDAY.


Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day Weekend!
Being a mom is the best job out there.

Love, Me


Sabrina said...

Happy Mother's Day--you're the cutest!! Glad you're feeling better.

Kristin said...

Sabrina! How are you?!? Your comments always make my day! Miss seeing you.

Bryce & Brittany said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend! Warm weather is awesome......sunburns, not so much.:) I'm sooo glad you're feeling better!

Maranda said...

You sure are spoiled by the men in your life! I love that Jaxson got his favorite candy bar for cute! Hope your weekend was awesome. Happy Mother's Day!