Monday, April 25, 2011

"I play with my dad, duh."

Jaxson ONLY child.
Did you know that???'s true.


An employee at Hobby Lobby never remembers this though.  
We forgive her for forgetting. We even forgive her for being Nosy.
We forgive her for having ZERO tact and being raised in barn:)
(I am kidding here if you cannot tell:) hahaha. Go on...laugh and don't think I'm rude.

EVERY SINGLE TIME we enter that store...which is often..she has full conversations with Jaxson.
She bosses him an tells him what to do. Tells him what NOT to touch, etc.  
She drives me completely nutso. OOOOOHHHHHH.  
(is that rude of me???)

Today was no different.


I was directed to her check-out line and reluctantly stepped up to the counter.
 KNOWING FULL WELL she would begin a conversation with 4 year old...and not with me.

Sure enough.
She starts in:

 "Hi buddy. How old are you again?"
"Why are you the only one that ever has to come to the store with your mom?"
"Do you have brothers or sisters?"
" don't! Who do you play with then?"


Jaxson looked at her blankly.

...and responded not a single bit better than I could have hoped and dreamed....

"I play with my dad, duh."


Just when I thought I couldn't love him more...
He tells someone off with his big brown eyes and the perfect dose of sass.
That's my boy:)

They are connected at the hip.

This boy is obsessed with his dad lately.

He sleeps on top of him...he cuddles with him (when I have to beg for affection)...he calls him 20 times a day to ask when he's coming home from work...he calls him "Best Bud"...he wants desperately to make him proud of him:) It is very sweet to watch.


These pictures were taken last Monday evening during FHE (Batting Practice).  

I admit...sometimes FHE is comprised of family together time...and not so much a "LESSON" at our house:)

I agree....we need work in that department.

I do make sure that we spend qaulity time...a movie, dinner, read a book, trip to the park, SOMETHING FUN TOGETHER every Monday night. I call it FHE if that counts. haha.
I say it counts.

T-ball season starts in 2 weeks.
Jaxson is excited. Jarom...more so.


I am glad that they spend so much time playing together.
They have such a special bond and relationship.


That could be a major problem:)



Cris, Callie, and Cayten said...

Your FHE sounds a lot like ours. We may have a 3-5 minute lesson on kindness, family, scriptures, the Holy Ghost but most of the time it is spent as family time and both my kids LOVE it and brag to the neighbor kids how awesome Mondays are (they aren't members so that's kinda cool)!
My son better like basketball as much as your son better like baseball or we could be in a world of trouble as well!

michelle said...

Is it strange that I think I know just the cashier you mean at HL? love the perfect kid response! So glad you got that little guy some sunglasses! Plus he looks dang cute in them. Looks like a lovely Easter!

Tara and Andrew said...

Can you believe the NERVE of some people? Someday I'm going to write a book entitled "What not to say..." Seriously. Way to go Jaxson!:)

The Christensens said...

I totally love this post... I love that he had the perfect response to that cashier... to funny :)