Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend!

We've had a wonderful weekend. I LOVE Easter.
Well, I love every holiday. Good excuse for yummy food, seeing family and a break from workin' around the house.

Also-I love seeing Jaxson so excited and happy.

Sidenote: Our child has a wierd "I am trying...but it is waaaayyyy tooo bright outside" smile on his face in every picture for the last 3 days...but I'm glad it didn' rain...or snow:) SO I'll deal with it.

He is such a goofball!

The truth is....

I am exhausted....and glued to the couch...still stuffing my face with all the leftovers:)
We had a big barbeque/party at my house all day yesterday....and that means I'm the lucky recipient of plate after plate of all that was left: Veggies & dip, fresh fruit, cookies, eclairs, bundt cakes, potato salad, etc.

MY STOMACH HURTS SO BAD...but I won't stop:)
My mom and her sisters can cook. Oh my.

Easter Saturday 2011


Friday night we dined at Chili's per Jaxson's request. It's his favorite restaurant. That or the "Muffin Place" also known as Famous Daves:) hahaha. I have to hand it to him...they make a killer corn bread muffin:)

He is obsessed with Chili's chips and WHITE KETSUP (aka: Ranch) for an appetizer.
The kid can eat an entire bowl himself.

Afterward we headed home to color eggs and make sugar cookies!

It was 10:00 p.m. when I startede the cookies! My "I am going to make sugar cookies with Jaxson today" idea sounded fabulous at 2:00 in the afternoon....but at 10:00 p.m....not so much.

The boys were both passed out on the couch....and I was busy slaving away most of the night:)

They turned out pretty cute though:)
Bunnies and Eggs....for our Saturday Barbeque.

The Easter Bunny Found Jaxson...and hid eggs EVERYWHERE.
Jaxson was really into it this year...and he found every single one within 3 minutes.
I hid over 60.
It is JUST HIM. It made me laugh a little.

I was kinda shocked:) Maybe it was my "It is midnight..." attitude and therefore I didn't hide them very good...but he gathered them all quicker than it took me to hide them:)

When he saw Donkey Kong....he shouted "The Easter Bunny is NICER THAN SANTA!!!!!"
Then he kept saying "I am the luckiest...I am the luckiest!"

Love when he's easy to please.

The bunny brought him an awesome tube missle...that launches WAAAAYYYY high.

I opened it up to show him how it first shot flew 20 feet in the air and landed in the my entry chandelier. (see...the one hanging behind him:)

Took dad a bit of time to get it down:)

I quickly deemed the MISSILE an "Outside Toy".
Jarom spent an hour launching it in the front yard.

We had one delighted little man!
I love little boys.

He hated it.

My munchkin. oooooooo I love him.
I grit my teeth and squeeze the crap out of him...begging him to stay little.


When he starts pronouncing a word in which he has said like a toddler for the past 2 years....I go into mourning. Sometimes I refuse to let Jarom teach him the correct way to say things:)

It's ok....gasp in horror and think I am wierd. I don't mind.

He called his baseball Glove  "GEE-LUB" for 2 years he'll ask me as plain as day...
"Mom...will you throw me my glove!".

Please say GEE-LUB. Like my toddler. PLEEASSSEE.
(one of possibly a million examples)

The kid is on the top of the world:)
We are back to putting time restraints on the Wii each afternoon.

We took our big crowd of 20 down to the Nature Park to feed the ducks and get some fresh air.
I love living so close to it! One minute your in the city...the next it feels like your in the middle of nowhere:)
Love that. SO does Jaxson.

We've gone through 4 loaves this week for those ducks.

Rock Climbing.

Sunday was busy. It was early.
We had a missionary homecoming at 9:00 a.m. in Pleasant Grove...which meant a WAYYYY early morning for the little man. Especially when he is accustomed to waking around 9:30 a.m., eating a bowl of fruit loops and watching cartoons for a good 45 minutes before even knowing he's awake.

I got one HALF-SMILE. That is all he would give me:)

Quick snapshot of the family:)
Again, not our best morning...but documented nonetheless!

Easter Sunday 2011

The fun continued for J....because Nanny delivered a big Easter Basket full of goodies!
A new beach towel for Lake Powell, water balloons, candy....all sorts of rabbits and chickens that poop gumballs. Let's just say it was little boy heaven watching them all poop candy. haha.

We are headed out for an afternoon walk.
I am threatening to turn the off the Wii as we speak.
The entire time I've been posting...I've been shouting out time frames...

"10 more minutes boys!"

"2 more minutes boys!"

Time is up.

I need air:)

....and another cookie....and they are downstairs!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter Holiday filled with family, tradition and thoughts of the Savior.

Love, Me

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Sabrina said...

I LOVE that second picture of the post; Jaxon's face is classic.