Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have been super busy lazy!
I spent a few afternoons this week whipping up some scrapbook pages while Jax mastered a few more levels on Mario brothers. 


See...he is going through a MAJOR separation anxiety phase and needs me IN THE ROOM with him at all times. He wanted to play the Wii...but would only do so if I was planted on the couch next to him.

I wanted a rest. So I gave in:)
BUT---I don't rest I kept myself busy by getting all caught up on my pages!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE to digital scrapbook.
It's fast, easy and I am so glad that I've documented these fun memories.
Jaxson has a BLOG BOOK, Journal and Scrabook of his entire life.
I would LOVE to have that of mine to look back on.


I thought his Birthday Layouts turned out kinda fun.
His whole 4th Birthday Theme was BOWLING.
I used 2 favorite one from Sweet Shoppe Designs called 7-10 split!

I write Jaxson a little love letter every year on his birthday:)

Valentines' Day!

I hadn't put the final touches on Christmas 2010 hit was time to finish them up!
phew...I LOVE crossing things off the list.

AND...because I love looking at the pictures and wishing I never came home...
I started scrapbooking our cruise. Here are a few for starters!


Other than scrapbooking....and between rain showers and hail storms we've managed to get outside and play some Soccer and T-ball. We've practiced batting and planted a few flowers in the yard. NOt much yet...cuz this Winter Weather would kill em' off in 1 day!

Tomorrow I get to scrub ALL the bathrooms and get everything ready for a big Easter BBQ.
Yay for the family party....UGH to scrubbing all the toilets and sinks.
We have big plans for the weekend.
Full of Good Food, Family and Traditions.

OH---and Jaxson's praying the Easter bunny leaves DONKEY KONG as well as some Skittles:)
We'll see if he anwers prayers.

We've been reading some special books with Jaxson about the TRUE meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it. He has been such  an angel this week. The only one who has kept me from jumping off the nearest bridge and drowning in my own bawling hormonal rages. WOW. This week was rough.

He continues to love me and compliment (like pour-on) the compliments daily. It amazes me how he can sense my "rough days" and fill in the gaps so perfectly.  Yesterday...he kissed me a million times and told me I was "The prettiest girl in Town!". This made me bawl even harder. How does he know??? How does he take such good care of me...when I'm the mother?

He is my angel. for sure.

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend:)
I plan on partying & eating and baking big easter shaped sugar cookies and consuming most of them myself.

Next weekend I have surgery. So this weekend has to make up for days of laying around bored:)
I'm sure it will! Jaxson is thrilled about the Easter Bunny coming!
Lots and lots of work tomorrow.
Crap. I need to go to bed:)



Mindy said...

Hey Kristin, I didn't want to be a stalker of your blog and not tell you about it :) We graduated from high school together, but if you don't remember me, it's ok! (i guess!) :) We live in Germany for now so if you see a Germany url looking at your's me. But I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog and your little boy is so cute!

Brad.Kenz.Max said...

I still want to do digital scrapbooking...BAD! I just can't master it! Ha ha YOU are a great mommma and I get a lot of ideas from all the fun things that you do for your cute little dude! Thanks for always sharing your ideas and making me should write a're hilarious!