Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 minutes ago...

Me: "Jarom something is SERIOUSLY WRONG with me. I feel exhausted all the time and I'm getting sick of it."

Jarom: "Ummm...I am more concerned with the insane onryness."



Today wasn't one of my most pleasant I guess.

Our evening walk consisted of me refusing to let Jarom turn our garage into some kind of basketball court.
He kept saying "I'm doing it."
I kept saying "No your not!"

I got more and more onry til' I dared him to try, returned home and requested that he make me a strawberry daquiri.

I am drinking it and watching 24:)


Let's hope that tomorrow I wake up on the right side of the bed:)



Aaron and Angie said...

Kristin, are you kidding me? I am actually commenting about the Hobby Lobby below. That just drove me up the wall because that will be the last thing she says if she told my child not to touch anything let alone digging her nose about personal things. I would have told her I would handle it and for her to do her job before I got her manager for rude customer service. You are a bigger person than me. I need to learn from you. As for the basketball court, hope your daquiri made you feel better. That made me miss Cheesecake Factory's version. They put a thick sugar around the rim.

Maranda said...

Somebody sounds whooped! You need to give me lessons Kristin! hehe :D Hope you are feeling better!