Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm alive....

I am alive...after a weekend that I didn't think would end.
I washed my hair that's a good sign I guess:)


My mom just left my side after days of cleaning and cooking for me.  Actually...she TRIED to leave me today...and I had a semi-breakdown. I made her take me (and the little man) home with her.


I just about died.
I'm not gonna lie.


Simple surgery...turned worst nightmare experience of my life.
I'm pretty sure my body went on strike.

I was so sick...that even getting near me on Sunday made my son bawl and scream his head off

It was wonderful. Really.


I can't figure out which part I liked best....barfing 17 times in a row with incisions all over my
mid-section....or sitting down in the shower because I couldn't move one more muscle then begging Jarom to figure out how to a) kill me or
b) get me out, dry me off and get me dressed...then drive me straight to the hospital.

It was BAD.


Jarom paced my bedroom/bathroom shoving pills at me for days.
Poor guy.
Of course, I felt a LOT worse for myself:)


Maybe there will be more fun details later.
For now....I am sitting up straight...sipping lemonade...and browsing the internet figuring out what I deserve after all this:)

Here is to Zofran. The bestest drug on the planet.
(Next to a percocet coupled with an 800 Ibuprofen of course.)

...and to my mom who saw a LOT more than she bargained for the last few days:)

Love, Me


Maranda said...

I'm sorry to hear that :( I hope everything is okay. You need to e-mail me and update me with what's going on in your life!

Jill and Chris said...

Oh no! Sounds awful. I hope things take a drastic turn for the better soon. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Michelle said...

I knew I needed to make bread and bring it over! I hope you feel so much better in the morning!