Friday, March 18, 2011

Top 5 things about today (so far:)

1- I slept in:)
2- Had a wonderful afternoon catching up with an old friend over lunch (and her darling twin girls).
 Thanks Melanee for the playdate:)
3- She brought me Summer Chicken Salad from Zupa's! I ate it for Dinner last night and now lunch today:)
 Oh yah.
4- Jaxson walked in after my shower and told me in a high pitched voice "You have such cutsie bum cheeks mama!" ha! Made me gut laugh...then call Jarom and so we could both gut laugh together:)
Hanging out with my son is the biggest boost of self-confidence ever:)
5- Just sweat for an hour playing JUST DANCE 2 with Jaxson. Jaxson kept asking me to "admire his MOVES!" Where does he get this stuff?!? At one point (during HOT STUFF...which he likes because it is a duet with a Boyfriend (him) and Girlfriend (me) he shouted "Am I good at this or what!!!!"

We conquered our few favorites and I think I pulled something (tendon, muscle, something) in my arm:)
 I am so serious. We had to stop.


BONUS: It's date night!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


p.s. I sweat from EVERY PORE during my St. Patrick's Day Preschool Party.
No joke. It was sheer running and singing and putting on a show for 2.5 hours.
But I think the kids loved it.
That's all the mattered.

Now I get 5 days to recover before I see them again:) Ha!

Love, ME

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