Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Dentist

Jaxson turned 4 years old.
As I'm certain you're aware! hahaha

Maybe it was the Birthday post or the Post filled with my whining about him growing up that gave it away.
Anyhow...He's FOUR and it was a week filled with Doctor's Checkups and trips to the Dentist.


I'm kinda wierd about making sure we all have Checkups and are given a
Clean Bill of Health around Birthday time.

Jaxson was a pro at the dentist!

4 Year Dental Checkup:)
he looks like a total goof.

Dr. Jones. He's awesome. The kids love him. His office is to-die for.
The entire thing looks as though you're underwater!
Nemo and Marlin are everywhere.
Huge Fishtanks
TV playing Star Wars (little boys dream)
Nintendo games.
You basically can't get them out of the lobby!

I am VERY good about brushing his little munchers!
Regularly and thoroughly....
but FLOSSING....Not so much.
I need work on that...they say.

He is a tough little guy! He toughed it out through x-rays...gagged a few times but held back the tears...and did a fabulous job. He has never been much of a cryer! Thank goodness. I don't think I could take it.


He left with a few tokens for the toy  machine and a Spiderman sticker.
He removed the spiderman sticker fom his clothes and put it right on his pj's that Night!
Ha! He must have been pretty proud.

Heaven help me if he ever get's a cavity or something. ugh.


I have spent the ENTIRE last 8 hours straight...prepping for a FANTASTIC St. Patrick's Day Preschool Party in the morning!. I have tons of games, gifts, art projects and fun green foods ready to go!

...and because I'm a preschool teacher and it PAYS to be cheesy and happy and overboard...I'm even wearing something special to put a smile on their faces:)

Have a Fun St. Patrick's Day!

I wish I could bake AND consume an entire pan of Fudge Mint Brownies like I did last year.
Then deliver plates of them to the neighbors.
THIS March...I am trying to be better:) in...NOT BAKE and then CONSUME the entire pan myself:)
No fun.

Love, Me


michelle said...

Hey, we go to Dr. Jones too! I am just now scanning the internet for ideas for leprauchans to play in the morning. Making rainbow cupcakes in the morning though.

Ally said...

Yay for dental visits!! (Your party pizazz was incredible!) I love looking at all that detail displayed so perfectly.

So fun! Can't believe how big he's getting (even though I just see him on a blog...still can't believe it!)