Monday, March 14, 2011

The boy has CHORES!

I have a child old enough for CHORES!
He doesn't have many...but I do believe in a little bit of hard work being good for ya!
So I'm making him learn how to help:)


"Hard Work is an Eternal Principle"
Gordon B. Hinckley

I like that.

We talked about the Value of Hard Work in Relief Society today and I've been thinking all afternoon about ways to instill this characteristic in my children. We actually started a few new things at our house last week...and this lesson just made me feel that much better about helping Jaxson LEARN and EARN the things that he wants instead of just giving him it all:)

I have just started a CHORE and ALLOWANCE incentive.
I was tired of him begging at every cash register for a treat or a hot wheels car! I found myself throwing whatever he wanted at the cashier...and buying it...just to keep him happy and cooperative while I finished my errands. Every place we went...I was buying something.
It was getting ridiculous! haha.


I decided it was time! He was old enough to earn some quarters and learn the value of hard work:)


He has been genuinely excited about it!
He is such a Jaxson.
He LOVES to help and always has.
He loves to make us proud of him and is devastated when he disappoints us.
He has such a spunky, sassy personality that is perfectly mixed with a tender heart:)
I feel really lucky to spend my days with him.
I feel lucky to be his mom.


He can fold towels about a MILLION times better than his father.
(in the pj's that he insists on wearing...that are a wee bit too small and from last summer:)

He stacks them neatly too!

He is putting a ton of effort into making his bed "just how mom likes it!"
He is THRILLED when he earns quarters for his piggy bank.

He spends his days playing the Wii and watching movies. (I can't wait for summer to arrive so I can get this boy outside more!)  Every morning he helps pick up his disaster in the Movie Room. His fruit snack wrappers, his blankets, his dino's....and he puts back all the movies!

After lunch he helps me unload the dishwasher. He does the does the rest:)
He does such a great job.

He is a wonderful help!
I am proud of him for working and learning:)


Last weekend he even emptied his piggy bank and took a trip to the toy store with mom and dad.
He picked out an over-priced, evil looking action figure that supposedly battles Spiderman! His name is Venom. (the joys of having a little boy!)

He was thrilled.
He picked so carefully.
It hasn't left his hand since.


It's always fun to watch your child learn, grow and develop.
This FOUR YEAR OLD is growing up way too fast for my liking...BUT I am so proud of him and trying to hold back the tears while he continues to do things that seem so...."OLD"!


I scrapbooked these darling pages of his FIRST CHORES for my scrapbook!
I whipped these up during our Movie Tonight:)

I'm still trying to play catch up with my scrapbook!
I put these few pages together this weekend:) Pics from last Summer and Fall.



He spent the rest of the afternoon outside enjoying the SPRING-ish weather.
He invited the neighbor girls over...but they just didnt' see eye-to-eye on what games to play. They were more into building sandcastles...he was more into burying all of his hot wheels:)

I can't wait for summer!
I love having all the neighborhood kids flood our backyard while I handout Tootsie pops:)
(Once you give can't ever go back. I have to keep a supply stocked:)

Have a wonderful Monday!
Nanny Bishop is coming to take Jaxson to Lunch:)
He's way excited!

Love, Me

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Tammy said...

It was a great lesson in Relief Society! It's always great to make work fun...He's a cutie!!