Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Faith & Hope:)

I am exhausted!
I have accomplished more today than I have in the past 3 weeks combined.
That statement may be slightly exaggerated...BUT...if feels so true:) Ha!


I have lots to blog about.
Lots of pictures.
Lots of hilarious stories about my daily interactions with a kid named: Jaxson...ever heard of him?

We celebrated Dr. Suess's Birthday today by cooking green eggs and ham...mastering Rhyming words...patterning red & white striped hat's like "The Cat in the Hat" & more. Much more. I pretty much sweat from every port during a regular 2.5 hour preschool morning:)  


Anyhow...I had 2 seconds and I sat down to read my brother Stephen's email this week.
He is serving the Lord in Korea right now...and doing a fabulous job.

His email was perfect.
Like "hit the nail on the head perfect" for what I needed to hear.
It was one of those moments where I thought "He knows..."

SO...since I am headed to Bountiful to comsume an entire Barbeque Chicken Pizza from Pier 49....and I don't have time to write the ramblings of my mind...ENJOY HIS.

He's wonderful. And insightful. And Sweet. And Kind.
And a wonderful teacher.


"I have focused a lot on faith and hope this week and saught the difference between the two of them. Some things I have discovered: Faith as we know is believing in something we cannot see. Not just believing however, having the assurance that what you believe in reflects in who you are. Why? Because you actually believe it is there. So often we say "I have faith" But then thats it. Our faith leads to actions because the question is not what if we are wrong...its what if we're right?!

Then hope. Hope is other side of our faith. An action verb meaning we positivly seek what we have faith in. It is waiting for the blessings of faith to come and then actually expecting that they will arive. After all, we know that if we do good things God will bless us. We don't however know when he will bless us. It is our job to hope for it. To wait patiently with optimism in our minds and hearts for that thing we believe will come to us in time, because of our faith."
SEE...I told you.
I miss him so much.
Happy Tuesday:)
P.S. I just finished my entire Calendar for next year's preschool. It took WEEKS...but they're done, printed, three-hole punched and ready to be delivered. WWWAAAHHHHOOOO. Something is planned and curriculum written for every single Tuesday & Thursday from September 2011-May 2012. HOLY.
I feel good.
Love, Me


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