Saturday, April 2, 2011

Leaving my boy...

Jarom and I are off for a much needed vacation.
ONLY...this time we aren't taking the little man:)

I'm excited. I am also struggling.
I miss him already. It feels like my right arm is missing!

The past few weeks have been crazy.
Not just the "busy norm" BUT fall-to-sleep-the-second-my-head-hit-the-pillow EXHAUSTING.
I think it's SOOO important to take time out for your marriage...and it's going to be heavenly BUT man-oh-man I'm going to miss my little buddy.

We try to take a vacation once a year MINUS the kiddo...but last year we took Jaxson EVERY SINGLE TIME. We took him to Disneyland for his first although it was a very fun wasn't exactly what JAROM had in mind as a "BREAK". haha.

Jarom needed a vacation FROM that vacation. Ever feel like that before????


Anyhow, I've tried to squeeze in a few moments for some quality time with my baby this week...before our much anticipated departure. He's been talking about it for MONTHS.

After teaching Dance class and Before Packing yesterday afternoon we stopped by the Nature Park.
Jaxson is itching to get out his fishing pole.


We fed the ducks and enjoyed the sunshine....just me and my boy.

(our hecticness is evident by the "I AM HOMELESS" look he is sporting. The chocolate milk mustache was there for 7 hours:) That's what happens when mom's purse runs out of wipes and we live in the car running errand after errand!)
(Yes he was strangling me:)
 approximately 2 minutes after this trusty BOB jogging stroller (that does come equiped with a break if I take the time to use it) flew into the lake, tipped over and started sinking.

I jumped in...oh about knee deep....and saved it's life.

Other than some survived it's NEAR-DROWNING experience.
The thing has also flown down a cliff at Zions Canyon.

BREAK.BREAK.BREAK. I should use it!
at least I've never let it happen with child strapped inside!

I promise we love him.
I promise he had a 3 hours after this picture was taken.


We also spent an afternoon indoors.
We watercolored, played Hi-HO Cherry-o, played dinosaurs, MarioKart....a little of everything.

I am not the artist in the family.
Jarom on the other hand...he can draw ANYTHING the kid wants.

This was my best shot at a STEGOSAURAS.

He's going to have a fun 10 days with family and friends.
I'm going to have a fun 10 days with my best friend and wonderful husband:)


I wrapped a little present and a lovenote for the little man....for each day that we are gone! I am glad that he'll get a little gift and message from me every morning:)

Today he unwrapped "TANGLED" and the last time I checked he was staying up late, cuddling with aunt Kelsey and  watching it:) So far so good.


You are so much fun to have around:)
I wish I could pack you up in my suitcase and bring you with me!
Daddy assures me I'll survive...and get used to doing nothing.
The MOM in me has a hard time resting:)

I plan on consuming an entire Sam's Club size box of redvines and reading 3 novels on the plane ride. Maybe take a nap...and 11 hours later...WAHLAH! Spend some much needed quality time with your daddy. 

Be a good boy. 
Don't drink too much chocolate milk. 
and call me....DAILY. 


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