Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6, 2007....

FOUR years ago tonight....(at about 11:30 p.m).....I was VERY pregnant.
Jaxson John gave me a good size kick and broke my water.

 I was so tired! After 10 straight hours of lecturing and 12 hours at work (I was supposed to be on bed rest....yah right!) I was just climbing into bed when he decided to make his big debut.
Oh...I was so so so excited to sleep.

The little stinker had been kicking my ribs for weeks!
I had visible bruises and couldn't raise my arms above my head...he had some powerful little legs...and they were crammed under my rib cage. One good size kick is all it took...and he was coming EARLY whether I was ready for bed or not.


March was the perfect month to have a baby! It felt like Spring! The sun was shining and the dark days of winter were almost over. Everyone was excited for Summer, walks to the park and trips to the wonderful Omaha Zoo. I was ready. Meaning....HUGE and Swollen and eager to meet my baby boy.
I would take all my babies in March. It was good plannin' on my part:)

It was a piece of cake labor and delivery.
I, of course, had nothing to compare it to...but I would do it again:)...
and pray that it happens just like that the next time!
He WAS and STILL is my angel.


A few hours later...they placed Jaxson John in my arms....

Weighing in at 7 lbs. 3 oz. I was SOOOO grateful that he came early.
Another month would have made for one gigantic baby...and about 100 more stretch marks than he already gave me:)


We were best buds from Moment One.

We spent a few good hours staring at each other.

I couldn't believe I was a MOTHER.
I couldn't believe I did it.
I couldn't believe how precious you were Jax.

(you were only moments old in this one!)

I was a Bit excited to have you here...and wouldn't let you go to the nursery!
(I will not make that mistake again...I was sleep deprived for MONTHS:)

You slept next to me...and I would wake up every 15 minutes to make sure I wasn't dreaming.
You were actually here...and I was deeply in love!!!

Of course, I had to share you.

Daddy thought you were his Best Bud.
Something about you being a boy.....but we knew better. Me and you. 

We fought over you for weeks.  

We Still do.


I enjoy making your birthay special every year little man!
Tomorrow will be no different.

It's a celebration of YOU & the day you joined our family.

It's also a celebration of the day you made me a mommy.
I LOVE being your mother Jax. 

You're my little Lucky Charm...
My March baby!
and you only threw 2 fits that I made you smile for a few pictures:)



It's a celebration of the day YOU and I became a TEAM.

You've picked up a cute little saying the last few months.
You say, "We make a good Team!"  or "Let's work as a team Mama!" several times a day.
I'm not sure where you picked that up...but I like the sound of it.
We sure do buddy. 

We have BIG PLANS tomorrow.


I hate letting you grow up...but I know I have to!
You remind me of that daily:)

You are sweet and hilarious and make our life so much more fun.
We don't know what we'd do without you.

Happy Happy Birthday Baby Boy!
...a bowling party it is...


Shauna said...

Happy Birthday to your little man!! Very Cute pictures! Kristin I have been looking for St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts for my boys. I love the one Jax is wearing. Do you mind sharing where you found it at??

Kristin said...

OLD NAVY! 6 bucks:)

Hickman Family said...

What a cutie, crazy that he is four! The kids and I were looking at pics in their scrapbooks, and we have one of Jackson at our Halloween party as a red dragon-so tiny, so cute! I agree with freezing them, let me know how that works out, I just might try it! :)

Maranda said...

Love the pictures Krisitn. You do a great job! Happy Birthday to Jaxson. I can't believe it's been 4 years since we met you guys!

Oh, btw, I didn't come to Utah this last week. We've all been sick:( I hope you didn't think I came and didn't bother to call you!

We are however, coming this week. Let us know if you have some time and we'll see if we can meet up!