Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Jaxson!

It happened.
Jaxson turned 4 years old! (against my will? absolutely.)


He was so excited and happy to be FOUR!
He was hyper and sweet and So Thankful the entire day. It was fabulous.
I always throw him a party:) Some are bigger than others...but this year was the first he paid attention to details! He loved the invitations...the cake...the balloons...the theme...it all.

He's the reason I do any of it...so I was thrilled that he not only Loved it...but appreciated it and told me countless times throughout the day.

Happy Birthday Jaxson John!
We welcomed the big #4 with a bowling party.

After crossing off a million fun ideas....I had to think of something that would THRILL and entertain a 4 year old WHILE entertaining 20+ adults. So...Bowling it was...and Jaxson couldn't have been more excited.


All grandparents, aunts & uncles received an invite to help us celebrate!


It was a family party...so we kept it simple.
Bowling, pizza, cake, ice-cream & presents.

I made a few simple pennant banners and embellished them with bowling balls and pins. Also a scoresheet!
They turned out bright and fun.

Party Favors:
Soda! Set up like Pins:)
(Oh...heaven help my cheesiness!)
It was family...so we carefully selected flavors and got everybody's known favorite!

I quickly made little labels documenting #4 birthday...and a tag...wahlah!

I displayed some goofy pictures of my new 4 year old....and oh....LOTS of balloons.
I go a TAD BIT overboard in the balloon department. 10-15 would suffice...but why do that when you could have 30?!?

The birthday boy!

I'm biased....but I think he's one HANDSOME 4 year old:)


His favorite thing to do lately...is take pictures WITH his mama.
I hate it. But I do it:) JUST because he gut laughs so hard after every shot...and NOT a SOUND on earth is as wonderful as listening to your own child laugh...I mean, really gut laugh. I LOVE it.

This angle is a little less-than flattering...but it was his Birthday!

They are handsome:)

We showed Jaxson pictures of the day he was born in our scrapbooks! I showed him my FAT pregnant pictures...and his brand new newborn shots. I told him all about his birth! He lovingly rubbed each picture of him and his daddy and said to Jarom "Dad....this is when we became best buds."
He was only hours old in each picture.

It was awesome. It was so sweet.

They are fun to watch together.

We headed to BOONDOCKS a little early.
Can I just say....I found the perfect location for any little boy's birthday party. Excited doesn't even do it JUSTICE....the kid FREAKED completely. He was sweating and red and running nonstop!

His daddy let him do as many games as he wanted before his guests arrived!

(this one is for you dad)
He has perfected his aim. He takes it VERY seriously.

He is ultra-competitive...like his father....so he hands it to dad everytime he wants to win a game.
It is more fun to Win...than to do it himself and Lose.
He's nuts.

Who would have known Jarom was freakishly good at arcade games?!?
It worked perfectly...considering Jaxson's obsession with Dino's right now.
A huge game...full of DINO'S!
Jarom was grabbing 2-3 at a time with the big claw thingy (I don't think they meant it to be played like that:).
Jaxson emptied half of the bin...I swear it. He came home with over 10 new dino's to add to the collection. hahaha.

You should have seen Jaxson's Face. Oh my.

THEN it was time for.....

HE Loved it. He did NOT want bumpers, ramp or HELP. No no no.
UNTIL mid-game when I convinced him to give it a try.

Jarom's good at everything.
It would be fun...if it didn't make me feel so ridiculous half the time:)

He also thought it was fun to snap pictures at the most awkward times. I was telling him to stop in this one:)

We headed back home for presents & More celebrating.

Our Families Spoiled him big time.
I am grateful for such loving and supportive families.
Who risked their lives in the snow storm of the year, might I add, ....to come wish Jaxson a Happy Birthday.
My sister drove for over 3 hours.
I love them. HE LOVES them more:)

Nanny spoiled like usual.

After presents....Mom and dad gave him a surprise.

Mommy and Daddy gave him a helicopter.
Someday we'll have enough children to fill it....FOR NOW...the neighborhood kids can come have fun at our house! We took him down to the basement at the end of the evening and surprised him. My preschoolers with LOOOOOVVVEEE it when this snow melts.

It's propellers spin and 2 kids can drive...while 2 are teetor-tottering on the wings.
I've wanted it forever. So soooooo cute.

Busy and Lazy moms...like me lately...opt out of making the cake.
I called the yummiest place: To Dine For Catering in Murray.
Yes you should buy one for your next party. YUMMY.
I recommend Almond Cake with Almond Buttercream Frosting. Oh my.

A wonderful friend picked it up and delivered it to my house in the biggest snow storm ever. 
She is wonderful! 

I'm not sure the catering place does many 4 year old bowling parties....but it tasted WAYYY better than it looked. hee hee. They did put a cute little fondant bowling ball and pins...with a sugar coated lane on top:)

Jaxson thought it was delicious. He devoured it and kept saying, "MOM this is the best cake I ever tasted!"

I guess I won't waste HOURS baking his cakes in the future.
They haven't ever tasted good enough to remember! haha.

He played Dino's with his uncles and Trucks with his dad.

At approx. 11:00 p.m. he wanted his new T-rex jammies and BED.
He gave me one last pose (and growl) with his new HUMONGOUS dino collection.

Happy birthday Baby Boy!
Only...your not so much a baby anymore.
You're HUGE!


I had a wonderful day with you little man.
Me and Daddy had so much fun watching your face:)
I hope it was a special day for you...and you remember it always!
You have a lots and lots of people who love you.

Bring on FOUR!
You are more ready for it than I am.


Bryce & Brittany said...

Happy 4th Birthday Jaxson! Looks like a great party! I'm so proud of your mom for taking it a little easy and not stressing herself out so much.:)....but she's so dang creative it's a crime! Hope you had an unforgettable day Jaxson!!

Jamie said...

Happy birthday Jaxson! Cutest kid ever! What a fun/adorable party!