Wednesday, February 2, 2011

V-day Prep...

This week has been particularly nuts at our house
running to appointments every morning and afternoon...

people coming in and out working on project: bonus room
me and jarom attempting to paint.
You should have seen it.


After 4 coats and lots of work...we could still see massive roller marks and it made my perfectionist side a little CRAZY:)
Jarom agreed.
It looked like crap. That made me feel better.

Come to find out...Nuetral base paint is the hardest to work with...especially when you are using such a dark color. I chose..DARK so dark chocolate brown it's almost black:)
SO our entire weekend was wasted doing something a professional came in and RE-DID on Monday morning!

It looks Marvelous now...thank goodness.
The painter told Jarom to keep his day job:)
hee hee


Lots of Hearts, Candy & Love talk is happening at preschool!
We have a busy few weeks planned and I just put the final touches on my little Valentine's for all of little kiddos!

Lip Whistle, Yo Yo, laffy taffy, suckers, v-day pencil...more treats:)

I Quickly printed out a cute tag...and wahlah!

I couldn't resist making them another little goodie.


Cherry Squeeze-its!
tag says...
"I love you so much I could just SQUEEZE you!"


We also made some Valentine's for Jaxson to deliver to his grandparents.
They alway spoil him on we wanted to show our LOVE with a basket of RED Sweets!
The tag goes with the Swedish Fish right in front!

"You are O"FISH"IALLY the best Grandparent's Ever!"
Cupid doorbell ditches at our house...and leaves lots of goodies and gifts on the porch.
I'm thinking we'll make a special trip to B.C. to let Jaxson do it for his grandparents.
He'll LOVE it.


I decided NO on a friend party this year. For Jax's upcoming 4th birthday.
I think I'll adopt the every-other-year policy.
I was getting burnt out...or so I thought:)

I hadn't planned ANYTHING...or even thought of it.
Which is odd in every single way...because Birthdays are a big deal at our house.
I like to make them extra special...(for both jarom and jax)...and give them one special day that's all about them. Plus---who doesn't love throwing a party for family and friends.

I thought a nice dinner and JUST the three of us would be perfect.
Maybe a movie followed by letting him pick something out that he LOVES.

THEN...Nanny Bishop called and wanted to know "THE PLAN".
I stuttered for a minute...and said...."I've just had a lot going on...and I wasn't going to do anything big....blah blah blah..."

But she got me thinkin....

I didn't so much as get off the phone.....before I shouted to Jarom...
"I'm throwing him a party!!!...."

People were looking FORWARD to it.
 That made me happy...and gave me a little kick in the butt to get planning.


It doesn't have to be extravagant.
Just family.
16 adults (every person on Jarom's side and mine)
& 1 little kid (the birthday boy himself)


BUT oh boy...I stayed up til 2 a.m. letting my SUPER CHEESINESS craft up ideas for favors & clever one-liners for his invitation. I am often embarrassed at how quickly I can come up with a poem or cheesy saying:) I am "on-call" for several teenagers and have been known to ask and answer to MANY school dances the past few years. I even wrote a Rhyming 6-8 stop treasure hunt around Herriman for one lucky Junior. hahaha.


Stay tuned.
The invites are done and printed...
the location booked...
the cake is designed & ordered (see I am being lazy this year..heehee)
and I think I'm going to branch out and make one of those darling pennant banners I've been seeing all over blog world. We'll see....

I'm keeping it simple (for me) this year.
I promised my husband.


This is just what I needed to get me off the couch and motivated in this horrible freezing month of February:)

Love, ME


Aub and John said...

Hi Kristin, my name is Aubrey. I'm one of those random people who have found your blog and love reading it. I actually grew up in Mantua so I almost feel like I know you (though I'm a few years older)!

I live in Sandy and plan to start an in-home preschool this fall. Sadly, I have no idea how to get licensed. I'm hoping you might have some information you could email me. A good website or any tips!

Thanks, Aubrey

michelle said...

Your blog is so darling for V-day! Now you have got me wanting to finish up my treats too!