Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 things...

...On my mind...

1. I am a horrible driver. Many times a day...(especially today)...I have thought to myself.. "it is amazing that people aren't honking and flipping me the finger.

2. I get approx. 3 calls a day from people seeing the big SMARTY PANTS PRESCHOOL logo on the back of my car. I then panic and pray that the people that jotted down my number and website WERE NOT the people I cut off earlier on my way to Target:)

3. The older...I'd say 50-ish year old man....that holds a little ceasars sign at the corner of Antelope Drive and Main...and dances like a mad man has almost caused me to wreck 3 times this week. He is Nuts. If you are stuck at the red light long enough you may see his toe touch...and his stretches. Speechless.

4- It is NEXT TO impossible for me to go one day without eating graham crackers and Nutella. I am ticked at my friend Brittany who introduced me to this amazing treat. It is like nothing else. It's hard to resist sticking my spoon into the jar and eating it like ice-cream.

5- The second best thing to having 12 preschoolers to love having their mom's as friends. I just had a wonderful time visiting with a friend who is pretty much my hero. A wife and Mother...5 children under 6 years old to be exact, a biggie, Beautiful, Easy-going and the things she can sew!!! Crap. I feel lazy in comparison:) Oh yah...and did I mention she wants triplets. Like wishes for them:) When I ask WHYYYYYYY she responds... "cuz I have cute names picked out!" Oh...she is fun.

6- Did you read Cjane's blog today. It was good. I read all the articles she linked to as well. Something to think about for sure. So so good.

7- Did you know my little sister is pregnant? It is kinda fun to talk baby stuff every day and pick it all out...but NOT be the uncomfortable and exhausted one. Ha!
I will have my day....I'm sure:) I probably will vomit hourly when it's my turn...just cuz I said that:)

8- The other week I was convinced that I had Hyperthyroid. Like: I googled the symptom's and I had every single one....(except being skinny:)...which I just chalked up to "My luck". hahahaha.
Turns out...after bloodwork and tests...I am healthy:)

A healthy person who has: Heart Palpatations, Insomnia, Heart Burn and my eyebrows are thinning/falling out just to name a few. Phew...what a relief. :):) That just doesn't sound right to me.

9- I love my child...but no child is perfect. His major flaw right now is his competitive drive. EVERYTHING has to be a competition. Who runs faster....who colors better....who obeys at preschool...who deserves a sticker...who is stronger...who gets to sit on the LONGER couch. The things he can turn into a competition amazes me. I called Jarom at work today and vented! and guess whgat....He laughed. Come to find out...Jarom himself was a little turd when he was the competitive department. AAAAGGGHHHH.....I don't know how to fix it. He is too young to understand sportsmanship...or a firm talking to about "hurting people's feelings". I try...I do....but I want to beat him into submission some days. Am I an awful mother???

Like...earlier this week when he was the fastest runner at Tumbling. He strolls over to me and says "I'm not sure if you noticed mom..but I smoked everyone!"


10- He also did the whole...."what's wrong with that man's teeth?!?" thing...and humiliated me beyond description at RC willey last weekend. I love him....but a smart and observant little 4 year old is a TRIAL to raise at moments.

10 a. - It's almost Friday. Hallelujah.



Bryce & Brittany said...

I cannot say I'm sorry for #4.:) It is all my fault but you should be thanking me for saving you on driving to Cold Stone for a delicious treat.:) Cause Nutella and graham crackers is just as good.:)

Maranda said...

I haven't had Nutella in years! You are so funny Kristin. Does your mind ever stop?! Probably not since you suffer from the whole insomnia issue. I'm reading your blog right now cause I can't sleep, but thank heavens it's not a habitual thing cause I love my sleep!

I'm still laughing about Jaxson's comment in RC Willey. Kids are the best...Sometimes their comments hurt the worst because they're so honest! Next time we talk remind me to tell you a funny story dealing this issue!

Ktbug said...

Alright Kristin help me out. My new obsession right now is sewing and quilting. I remembered seeing one of your older posts about making that cute blanket for your son. So I've been searching your blog trying to find that entry. I wanted to check out the pictures and see if I could make it. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks :)

Brynn said...

Hi! We don't know each other, but your sister/bro in law are friends with my sister/bro in law. I love reading your blog! You have such cute ideas and stuff- and your little boy is adorable!

Allyson said...

I about died laughing at the toe touch comment...I've totally done the same thing.

AND...cheers to horrible drivers.:) Somehow we will survive!!

Kristin Bishop said...

Katie! I haven't forgotten about you! I just can't find it either:) I am not a seamstress...but I worked my way through a patchwork quilt for jax's bed. I think I posted it in September, October or November of look back through my archives. I will link you to it if I can find it!