Tuesday, January 25, 2011


January is rough.
Of course, it goes by rather fast if you become addicted to "LOST" and
successfully watch all 6 Seasons in a matter of 2 weeks.

The question is Now What???


I've poured myself into preschool and made plans and preparations for a DARLING and FUN next 2 months. Today the Pizza Man came and we made pizza's, rolled & tossed dough...talked all about the letter "P" and had lots of fun crafts and activities. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I LOVE LOVE my job.
It's a lot of work....but very rewarding. I received lots of hugs today and last week Miss Paige told me I was "just Great!" sooooo I'll take it:)

I truly feel like my time is going to good use. I mean...other than the hours I am watching LOST....I am lucky to be spending it with children and creating excitement with fun projects to help them learn.


Last week I introduced our new Class Pet: Simon the Smarty Pants Snake.
We have a book about him...and a little cage.
He is stuffed...for my sanity...and easy transportation:)

Each child gets a turn taking Simon home for the weekend! They do fun & creative things with him...and paste pictures and journaling in Simon's Life History Journal!
Needless to say they think I hung the moon that day:)
Oh...it's TOO EASY! hahaha

...you can kind of see the lime green snake that I am holding:) we are all taking turns petting him and introducing ourselves. a.k.a: Me getting mauled:)

At graduation each child gets to share something fun they did with Simon on their Special Weekend!
It will be a fun memory for the 2010 school year!


I love being with my little man too.
Have I mentioned that more than 150 times yet???
Oh...what would I do if I dropped him of somewhere and had HOURS to fill alone?
I guess I can think of a few things I'd do (haha)...but they wouldn't be as fun that's for sure!

"L" is for Lion day!


I am a sucker for Holidays..and with V-day coming up I have been busy making a million little gifts.
By a million I mean: 12 for my preschoolers, 1 for each grandparent and something special for my two boys of course:)

My Valentine: Jax!
Kissin on him never gets old.

He says he wants to marry me when he gets bigger...as tall as daddy.
Sounds like a deal.
Oh...and he wants to marry my sister-in-law Kelsey too.
He says he wants us both! ha!


We are sick of being cooped up...and this ugly and chilly weather.
I woke up yesterday to sunshine...and today to a blizzard:)
Unfortunately I don't DO IT for Jaxson some days. He wants a friend. A perma-friend that stays at our house 24/7 and will play dinosaurs and stuff for longer than 15 minutes (like I do).
I don't blame him!

This particular day a few weeks back...he was sick of me and was inpatient...waiting for dad to come home from work. I played with my new lens...while he played with his lightening mcqueen.

More Tumbling!
This little guy is still a tumbling fool. He does a great job...and I just knew it would help him get out some energy. Plus---I wanted him to have that Teacher/Student relationship with someone other than his Mama!

He claims that Tumbling gives him big muscles.
He is "FRONG!"
He still puts an "F" in front of several words..and I refuse to change it because it is darling.
That and he mixes up his time words: Like "Yesteryear" and "Lasterday".
Those are just a few of our favs:)


More Scrapbook Pages
I'm getting closer to completing 2010!
I never stay all the way caught up..on purpose...because sometimes popping in a good movie and whipping out a few pages by the fire sounds relaxing.

Last week (while watching....duh duh duh: LOST) I was wishing for warmer weather and looking forward to the some family vacations and mornings working in the yard! I am wierd...but I enjoy me some yard work occassionally:)

Huntington Beach 2010

Putting in our yard: June 2010

I have lots of cute V-day tags and and gift ideas that I've been putting together...I will post shortly!
Look on the bright side...we are on a count down to Warmer Weather and afternoons at the Park!
I for one CANNOT WAIT:)

Oh...and at our house...we are on also on countdown 'til Jaxson's 4th Birthday, Swimming lesson sign ups, T-ball registration and Soccer sign ups! Yes...you heard me right!!! My child is big enough for sports.
Jarom is giddy and has already looked up all information.

I have to admit...I am a tad bit excited to buy little shin gaurds and cleats.
Kids are the key to a joyful life.


Ok...Gotta go! I am making dinner for a dear friend who is going to die from this COLD going around!
Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Love, Me

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Maranda said...

Your preschool sounds like so much fun! I wish Kam could attend.

Jaxson is so cute! I love that he still puts an "f" in front of words. I remember the last time we got together, which was forever ago, you would cringe when he'd say the word truck!

You should post your ideas for V-day soon so I can use them. Ha!