Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas happened....

I decided against posting Christmas.
Then I couldn't...because of the whole blog book thing...and my inability to let Christmas 2010 go undocumented.

Then I decided against posting Christmas again.


I just spent my entire day washing the doors and baseboards with lemon pine-sol. It smells heavenly & for some very odd is therapeutic for me. I crank the music and take out my stress on the toilets and floors. It's my thinking time.

I need pills I guess:)

After was Pace...or I decided to do it and give my brain a rest from all the Back & Forth.


December was busy.
Christmas was wonderful.

We get to spend every holiday with both my family and Jarom's...since they live only a few miles apart:)


Since Jaxson is the ONE and ONLY grandchild, Nephew, or person under the age of 21 on both sides....I am happy to oblige and share him. It makes for a lot of running around...but it's worth it.

What is the magic of Christmas without a Child around anyhow?!? 

Jaxson was hilarious. He would scream... "This is all I've ever wanted for Christmas!" after opening each and every gift. Even the little 3 dollar airplanes. I should have just wrapped those...because they did the trick of thrilling him....Nothing else mattered.


Christmas Morning 2010

I decided to just post some of the highlights and save us both time:)

The Chopper

I think Jarom was more excited than Jaxson...if possible.
Last year he got a four wheeler and that thing doesn't go a day without being I'm certain this will fill his summer days!

Dino Zip-Bin.
The kid is obsessed with Dino's right now.
Dinosaur Train....dino movies...dino figures....dino noises...shooting dino's on the IPAD.
Oh rules our life right now:)

Oh...and his love for superhero's is unparralled right now!
Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman....he loves them all.
He couldn't leave one out when sitting on Santa's lap this year.
I think between Santa, mom & dad and grandparents...he got at least one of each.

A few weeks after Christmas Jaxson turned to me and said...."Oh mom. That silly Santa. He forgot to bring me Hulk!"

Oh boy. We forgot ONE...and leave it to him to notice.

 Boris the T-rex.
A favorite.

I love this picture (below)...because of his fascination with those little planes. He LOVES them. They go everywhere with my purse. They even magically appear in my Church bag on Sundays. He also got MarioKart  & Luggage which he was thrilled about. Oh...and a leapster which he loves....but not as much as Daddy's Ipad. I IPAD is the best babysitter on the face of the planet. Jaxson sits patiently through every nail appt., hair appt., car ride, etc. as long as he has it in hand.


Jax just sat by his stash....making plane noises and flying them around for a good 30 minutes.

After Santa...he got to open from Nanny & Papa Forsyth.
I posted this picture so you could laugh at what dorks me and Jarom are:)
Oh embarrassing.
Look at our faces. (Sorry dear.)
We were as into all of his gifts as he was:)

Getting a Toolbox from Nanny 
...& some power tools from Papa.
They spoiled him with clothes and his favorite lightening McQueen blanket.
Also--The BATMAN Rescue Hero...which is 3 inches tall...and although the smallest far his favorite:)

His aunts and uncles are always so sweet and generous to him as well! Kelsey & Ryan gave him a hot wheels motorcycle race kit...and Nate & Kayla gave him a marshmallow gun that can launch up to 30 feet:)
Oh how he got a kick out of that!

Uncle Stephen even sent him a gift all the way from Korea! A ninja sword that makes noises and lights up.
He plays with it daily:)


We then headed to the

Jax joined every other child in America and got a Pillow Pet:)

He got Trio's...which he loves...and a remote control four wheeler. Lots of church books, a Buzz lightyear, How to Train your Dragon and Toothless the Dragon! His favorite was his Spiderman Shaving Kit that is currently hanging in my shower! I want to get pictures of him shaving his's super funny:)

It was a busy and FULL holiday...but we loved spending time with family.

We feel very blessed and are excited for what this next year will bring to our family.


Lots of goals have been made....some of them even written down and taped to the inside of my kitchen cupboard so I can remember them daily!


Christmas Happened and is now somewhat documented.


Now for the other 5 posts to catch up on!
For now....I am too obsessed with watching LOST and eating Graham crackers with Nutella.
Hopefully they will appear soon.


I will have my preschool blog & TONS more scrapbook pages updated on my Scrapbook blog soon soon soon!

Love, Me 


Andrea said...

why didn't you want to post christmas? it looks like a lot of fun!!

Kristin Bishop said...

Laziness:) That's all. It's long over and I was way behind:)

Bryce & Brittany said...

This was a great post!....but I have to say that my favorite part was seeing you mention Graham crackers and Nutella.:) I've got you hooked huh?:)