Friday, February 11, 2011

No pictures:)

I haven't taken a picture of ANYTHING but preschool in weeks.
We don't go to the park...or on walks...or do anything but play the Wii actually. 
Boring. Sorry:)

It may be that Jaxson is at the "almost-refusing-to-cooperate- for-picutures" stage.
SO...we sit on the couch and try to pass all the games on his leapster instead.

Oh Winter...I hate you.


Jarom has motivated me to exercise a few times this week.
Motivating me to do anything this time of year is nothing short of a miracle.
Anyhow, I...cannot..walk...stairs.
I try...but my legs refuse...they are so sore.

I bought the Jillian Michael's Shake weight.
It weighs less than 5 pounds.
I am too weak to even hold it with one hand and properly shake it.

It's only kinda funny to me.
WAYYYY funny to Jarom.


The only thing I have to my main form of entertainment.
Jaxson J.

My Jaxson is at a "must-be-documented" stage with his little expressions.
I am stunned speechless a few times a day.

Today he beat me at a Wii game and started chanting "BOO-YAH...BOO-YAH!" and did a little victory dance. I had to hold in the laughter.

Yesterday he told me that I was the best mama in the world because I do lotsa things for him....Like-turn on movies and leave him alone. hahahaha. (Son, please don't tell people that)

I love how he is always trying to pronounce and use big words. Like: Available (alay-vable) when trying to teach me which movies he wants on netflix.
 when he is grossed out by something or is
 He even told one of my preschoolers moms,
 "He was NOT BE-HAVIN one bit today!" Thanks jax..but I got it:)

Today he very seriously asked me when he was going to college? Ya know, Like Andy from Toy Story.
He was quite concerned about his Boris the T-rex and who was going to take care of him when he moved out.

He also...HAS TO NOT MATTER WHAT have his sippy cup match the lid. Don't ask?!?

I mean...I will quickly get a cup out of the cupboard and a lid out of the drawer and toss it on the counter. By the time I have walked to the fridge to get the milk...he has climbed onto the bar, grabbed the lid, jumped down, traded the lid for a matching lid and replaced it. It's amazing actually:)

Not matching...that just won't do.


My sister found out she was having a little girl...and I asked Jaxson if I should trade him in for one! A girl...that is. He is quite traumatized actually....and reminds me all the time that he will:
 "COMPETE-Y DIE!!!! if I trade him for a girl.

He also told me if I traded him in...he would promptly trade ME for another DAD.
quick thinkin little man.

Dad's are much cooler than moms when you are 4 years old and obsessed with watching football and spiderman.

His favorite restaurant is Chili's. Is that wierd to anyone else?

Nanny Bishop wanted to take him to lunch last week...she thought his response would be something like Burger King, Wendy's or Chik-fil-A.
Chili's all the way.

Oh...he's his father in every way.


The little man's B-day is coming up...and I can hardly believe it. 
Was that 4 whole years ago???
The best part: All he wanted was to go to Vegas.
Where did he come from? Someone please tell me.

The second best part...
Jarom seriously asked me if I wanted to take him there!?!? 
Ummmm....I think a helicopter and a bowling party will do.


Maybe in the Summer little man.


Pics of the birthday stuff I've been working on coming soon.

Have a wonderful weekend.

I am wasting time until Jarom gets home and hangs out with me.
...and my car is dead...or I would be at hobby lobby...


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michelle said...

SoFunny! Would you believe my kids favorite is Chilis too? I don't know why either. I want to know if you end up liking the shake thing, I always wonder when I see the commercial. I can't believe I haven't run into you at Hobby Lobby, it is my favorite place!