Monday, February 14, 2011

I've been in a rut....and Valentine's Day!

I woke up today to Kisses.
Both my boys were up, eating breakfast, showered and dressed....and I was of course, sleeping.
They both planted a big Kiss on me before heading their separate ways:
 Jarom to Work...Jaxson to the couch with cartoons.

I smiled, kissed them back and pulled the covers over my head.
I got up 30 minutes later.


I've been in a BIG TIME RUT.
I'm not any fun....and I have been feeling sick a LOT.

I get cold after cold (one which is coming on right now)...and feel like a pin-cushion with the amount of times I've got my blood taken lately:) all this adding to my lack of putting forth effort to make exciting things happen around here for Jax.

ANYHOW...this post is not about complaining!


It's to announce that TODAY....FINALLY...
Is going to be FUN FUN FUN day at my house for the little man.

Valentine's Day is one of my favorites!

I have so many plans for today.
Today I'm climbing out of the rut and being a fun mama for Jax:)
I can do it. haha

Valentine's Sugar Cookies will be made, frosted, sprinkled and eaten.
Cupid will be showing up in his true form...Doorbell ditching and leaving the porch covered in RED & CANDY & Fun little gifts. CUPID happened to find the most darling little boy dream gift on etsy a few weeks ago! SO EXCITED.  A big Valentine's Dinner out with Nanny and Papa...and Movie Night in the BONUS ROOM.
 I live for Holidays.

Can I tell you how grateful I am that we don't have "school nights" yet at our house. Other than 2 days a week for preschool...we can stay up late and play as long as we want. No bedtimes.  No early mornings. Never HAVE TO go or be anywhere. It will end soon...and before I am anywhere near ready:)

I got the sweetest email today! One that said "you have made holidays so much more fun at our house! You must have had the funnest mom growing up! You do so many fun things and are a wonderful mom...and so on"

It made my morning! Thank you Thank you.
That was so sweet.
...and helped pull me out of my rut...

I DID have a fun mom...who worked hard to make sure every holiday was celebrated PERFECTLY.
Even the little ones.....were full of celebrating and traditions. I have pictures of every single year of my life...posing on the fireplace with my stash: At Easter, At Valentine's Day, everything!

So it's easy....because when she looks at me on holidays with the " you may have gone a little overboard" look....I can turn to her and say "You made me this way:)"

Happy Valentine's Day!

I think I'll win the card contest this year. Jarom and I always search for weeks for the perfect hilarious card.....not the "You complete ME" mushy lovey cards....but the really really good hysterical ones.
Mine will win. I'm betting on it:)

Love, Me

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