Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Valentine's Day in Pictures.

I made up for my lack of pictures. Big time.
Holidays do that to me.

Jarom and I celebrated last weekend...so we spent the actual day with Jax! We dropped the kiddo off at Nanny's and had the entire weekend to ourselves. We went to Maddox Steakhouse and stuffed ourselves. I think I ate 4 rolls...and a steak & possibly some shrimp:) We went to the movie and spent the next day relaxing, working out & taking a nap. aagggghhh. It was nice.

He thinks he won the card contest. and I think I did.
That happens every year:)

We scheduled a couples massage & dreamed of April 3rd when we get a much needed vacation to the sunshine. Just the two of us.


February 14th....was a great day. We crammed a lot in...and managed to have a lot of great food and fun!

We started by dining on Heart Shaped Donuts for breakfast.

Jaxson was more interested in the sprinkles.

We enjoyed the warm weather...and made a trip down the block to visit neighbors, deliver Valentine's Sugar Cookies and get the mail. He had a large Package from nanny Bishop waiting...so he was anxious!

He spent the rest of the afternoon cruising the neighborhood in his new toy: The artic cat.
It has a trunk....so Jarom was sold.

I think his selling point to me was...
 "he can drive it around the yard and pick up all the weeds when we're doing yardwork."

It is pretty cute. AND it hauls butt. I beg him to wear a helmet...and we spent a good hour on the helmet isle at walmart the other day (that is for a whole other post!).....but the kid HATES them. He says that UNLIKE his four wheeler....this has doors...so he doesn't have to wear one.
Are you seeing doors that I'm missing!?!?!?!?


We spent a good 2 hours playing Dino's. EVERYTHING is about T-rex's or Triceratops.
I had to hold the long neck DINO and play along for a good 20 minutes.

 My Little Valentine:)

We made a good 6 dozen heart shaped, pink frosted & Red sprinkled Sugar Cookies!
We goofed off:)

BELOW would be his classic T-REX Scowl.
Me....I have no idea.

This boy was a LOT more about making a mess....than Baking.
He is slowly crossing over into the "THIS IS SOOO FOR GIRLS" stage.

He has been extra...and I mean EXTRA lovey the last few days.
He will Kiss me...and WOW. He really goes for it...and holds my face for a long long time! Today he opened his mouth and I started screaming and tickling him. I pulled back and said "WHO IN THE WORLD TAUGHT YOU THAT?!"

He nonchalantly looked at me and said "I saw you and dad do it in the car the othe day!"

Oh boy.

He begged to stop baking and shoot Dinos on the Ipad.
Boys. Boys. Boys.

I frosted for an hour...and he set a new record for shooting Raptors.

We then got dressed up and went out for dinner at Prairie Schooner.
Jaxson LOVED the covered wagon and the fun atmosphere. He walked around and saw the bears, wolves and campfires! My parents bought us each a big Fat Steak Dinner...and we ate and ate.
They sent us on our way with a Nice Valentine!
...and SPOILED Jaxson with a pile of Spiderman Stuff:)


We were ready for Bed after that Huge meal...but Cupid still had to make his showing.
The doorbell rang at about 8:00 p.m. and Cupid had left a few gifts on the porch.

Cupid left him a darling Batman Cape and Mask.
(etsy is wonderful, right?)

It's Batman on one side...and Spiderman on the other!

I die at this picture.
SOOOO funny.

He takes it VERY serious. Flying that is.

Batman then humored his mother by opening and playing with his new Melissa & Doug Cookie set and Cupcake set.
I love his little oven mitt, spatula, and hero mask...all in one:)
Oh to be three!

He got lots of treats...Toy Story Toothpaste & Flossers (yep...I got some useful stuff too:) and lots of army action figures. OOOHHHHH he is obsessed with action figures of any kind right now!
We ended the night by launching all the balloons.
Are all three year olds so obsessed with balloons?!?
He LOVES to let them go....so I try to make them a part of holidays occasionally!

It was a great holiday....spent with my boys.
They make my life worth it.
Motherhood gives me purpose.
I love you Jax!

Don't grow up. Please.


Happy Valentine's Day!


Brandie Page said...

Like I said before "such a CUTE mom" yes you are. Kayden was sitting by me while I was reading this and said "mom you think I could play with him one day?" I said well they live really close so maybe I can ask. Kayden said "Cool I call shot gun" Haha kids are awesome!

michelle said...

What a fun day! I love three year olds and the super hero stage! Next year I want to get the heart shaped doughnuts!

Tammy said...

I've had doughnuts for breakfast for the past three days! Although they are starting to get a little stale, I still happily ate one this morning...Looks like you guys had a fun day! I love the picture with Jaxson in the car and sun glasses no less!!

Michelle said...

You are such a cute mom! I love the pic in his sunglasses. Question...do you know a good place for massages? We have been trying to find a new favorite and the hubby's birthday is just around the corner!

Kristin said...

Michelle-We go to massage envy. I've had good luck there...and I always get a great deal:) Your first time you can both get one for 39 bucks for an hour! You should go!