Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday the 22nd....

Today I...

1- Taught 12 THREE year olds about the letter "S"...as in SMILE...while simultaneously teaching them that FEBRUARY is Dental Health Month.

We talked about TEETH...hunted for TEETH....organized foods that are good AND bad for our teeth...read what Dr. Suess says about teeth...and more.

I have a LOT to say about teeth:)

2- Organized my craft closet.

3-Made another simple pennant banner for the little man's birthday party coming up.

4-Ordered my child to timeout twice!

5- Banned him from the TV and IPAD for the duration of the day.

6-Called 8 different little boys to see if they could come play with my broken hearted child who kept saying "I need a FRIEND or a DAD to come over. NOOOOOTTTT AAAA MMOOOMMM!"
Apparently moms are no fun. They are more about work and no play.
That is so depressing.
I can only stand to sit on the couch beside him and pretend to care about flying the airplane on the Wii for so long before I want to rip my hair out:)

7- Scrubbed my bathroom.

8- Started plans for several parties: Jaxson's 4th B-day, Relief Society B-day, Baby Shower, Preschool Graduation Party...and a Surprise Party. I have a love/hate relationship with throwing parties.
I LOVE the planning, decorating, etc... BUT I hate that my life becomes a SLAVE to the details of every single little thing associated with a party.

I need to SIMPLIFY.
I just don't think it's in me.

9- I paced for an hour.

10- Talked on the phone to 3 friends...all for an hour each:)

11- Made Dinner

12- Currently begging Jarom to run with me to Home Depot. I need a few thing...like calk...a man to cut some wood...and knobs:)

I hope tomorrow is a little more exciting.



Maranda said...

Wow...Busy day! Thanks for giving up some of your time to talk to me. It was good to catch up! Just send Jaxson on down anytime he needs someone to play with! Kam's always hard up for a friend. haha!

michelle said...

I think it sounds like a very exciting day! My Josh is 4 but he is always looking for a friend too!