Monday, January 3, 2011

Scrapbook catch up!

I have been busy. are going to be proud of me...and I dare say...slightly impressed:) haha
Since you know how bloody long each and every page takes when you are as ridiculous as I am.


My 2010 scrapbook will be done and printed and tucked away by the end of January.
Mark my words.

Of course, it will take several more hours...but I have had a wonderful time this past week reflecting on 2010 in pictures!


I am soooooooo grateful....I will say that again....soooooo grateful that I learned how to digital scrapbook.
My memories and pictures of Jax and our family are invaluable to me.

We get it out and look at it often and have a blast!
Reminiscing about our trips, when we found out we were pregnant, Law School, Jaxson's First everything. 
I showed him pictures of when I was pregnant the other day and he was laughing out loud!!!  
He couldn't believe that was him in there!


Enjoy some of my favorites! Lots more to come:)


The first few layout of Jaxson's First Trip to Disneyland!

I will always remember the summer of 2010! We put in our very first yard and were working outside constantly. Jaxson and his darling little neighborhood friends would play in the dirt and catch bugs for hours!

Jaxson's first Ice Skating lesson! Weber state university!
It was hilarous:)

One of our favorite spots! Jensen Nature Park feeding the ducks.
Enjoying the Fall weather.


I kind of skipped Christmas on the blog.
It happened and Santa found us....but my pictures overwhelm me.

Maybe sometime later this week!

Love, Me


Tammy said...

Do you use Memory Mixer? If not, what digital program do you use. I love it. I bought MM and haven't dared to break into it...yet.

Kristin Bishop said...

Tammy, I use Photoshop CS3. It allows you to work in layers...and so it works great for me because I like my pages FULL. They usually have 40-50 layers per page. Good Luck!

Amanda said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pages and your blogs....I have been lurking for some time to get some inspiration for my digital pages. Thanks for posting!