Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have 23 messages on my home phone...and the voicemail on my cell is full just how I like it. (that way nobody else can leave one:) hahaha

Those who know me....know how badly I despise checking my messages.

I know this issue stems from building my house. When we were building I would have 25 calls every 30 minutes I swear! It was always always some crisis I needed to face/solve or deal with...OR something for me to do...somewhere for me to be.

It officially gave me a hatred like no other for listening to messages.
I fear that they will each be about something I need to do....and if I listen I will have a  To-Do list that I would rather not Do. make sense???

I am sitting right by the machine. They are blinking and nagging at me.

I refuse.

To listen to them.

until tomorrow.

Sorry if one of them is from you:)



Amanda said...

This is ONE of the many things that cracks me up about you!

Not be be overshadowed by the fact that you have nineteen hundred fourty two clocks without batteries your house and it doesn't bother you at all! haha case you don't already know this about her...she doesn't leave you a message either. You better have caller ID or you'd never know she had tried :)

Bryce & Brittany said...

I'm pretty sure a couple of those are from me from like weeks ago. You are horrible at checking messages....I know!:) But I love ya anyway!