Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Was gonna ask if you wanted him...

Some one or some thing has possesed my little guy and he is full of attitude, sass and stubborness.
Not an ounce of baby fat or baby ANYTHING is left from this past experience with SUMMER:)
He is a full blown....K.I.D......gulp. I hate it. That officially pushes me out OF the HAVING A "baby" category. The only thing he needs me for these to wipe his butt after #2. And that's just because he's lazy. Do I do it for him??? ummmm. Yes. Because, remember, it's the only time he needs me. That and when he get's hurt. He runs straight for me and I am torn between not wanting him hurt and thankful he tripped:) hahahha.
Back to how he's a little turd. I will list a few FROM THE LAST 48 HOURS:
1. He uses my own words against me. If you say Shit once...he will repeat it 100 times and always at the most inappropriate places:)
2. Wow that kid is sassy...and quick. His brain can form a comeback that will leave you stammering for 5 minutes straight. Unfortunately, I know who he learned this one from. I just didn't know it could be so genetic. It's amazing. ...and disturbing to see what you are like in
3. He is competitive and doesn't quite know how to harnass it into a positive direction yet. Case in point: playing tag with owen at preschool yesterday. Owen is half his size....keep in mind. I think they were lions at the moment...Jaxson growls and shoves. Owen does...NO LIE...3 full back flips down my stairs and I catch him at the bottom. After Time-out Jaxson says, "I AM sorry mom. I can't help it that I am BIGGER and FRONGER and FASTER!" oooooooooo....I wanted my sweet child back at that moment.
4. Last night at Jarom's ball game a little girl was desperately trying to get his attention. He WAS NOT interested. He said to me....rolling eyes in a very dramatic fashion...."That girl is annoying me. I don't want to play with girls. I hate girls!" ....Me: "You do to like girls! Be nice...and whisper....everyone can hear you!". Jaxson: "uuuugggghh. I do like SOME girls. Just NOT GIRLS with wierd looking faces!"
My child just said that. ALL INNOCENCE IS LOST. Period.
Last one: on our way to Lowe's last night....Jaxson was waving around a flashlight in the car. It was pitch dark...and it was making it impossible to see. Jarom argued with him and begged fro 5 straight minutes for him to put it away and turn it off! He refused. FINALLY....Jarom pulled out the threat (wrong move with Jaxson...never works) and said "If you don't turn it off right now...I will throw it in the garbage!"
Well: Jaxson laughed and shouted "Oh yah...if you don't stop yelling I'm gonna throw YOU in the garbage!"
I quickly covered my mouth and tried to disguise my laughter. DO NOT EVER LET JAXSON SEE YOU LAUGH AT HIM. That only makes it continue for hours!
Jarom: "Jaxson. We DO NOT say that. Don't talk like that to dad....blah blah"
Jaxson: "What???? Mom TOTALLY laughed?"
So---although I think he is hilarious...I recognize we are in for a ride with this one!
I don't have other children to ooo and aaa over OR that take my time...and make his disturbing behavior more of an annoyance. I WAS, however, going to post a WANTED AD for him earlier this week....because I think somebody should give it a try and give me some ideas.
He is smarter than me. ....and I told you...he uses my words against me.....
THEN this morning he crawled into bed with me....rubbed noses like DALMATIONS do (as he quietly whispered) and asked if he could snuggle with me. I let him in and spooned his little body. Daddy was long gone to work:) We woke up at 9:30 a.m. and played and laughed in bed for a good 15 minutes. It erased all the previous days frustrations and I am ready for another full day of being this kids mother.
He is such a little turd.
Oh yah....he calls ME a turd 30 times a day now.
LOTS of updates coming soon:
Homemade applesauce
BFF's coming to stay:)
Love, Me

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Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh that kid is pretty funny! And are in for a ride with him.:) He made me laugh numerous times last weekend! And Yes....he is SUPER smart!