Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall is here....

I spent 2 straight days making homemade applesauce for the little man.
He gags on the store bought stuff...and so nanny and me spent HOURS grinding fresh golden delicious apples from the fruit stand into applesauce. I'm not sure it will ever happen again....IT WAS THAT MUCH WORK:) I thought I'd document our endeavor in case our supply runs out and I can't find it in myself to go through that again. Wow. I could never be a pioneer:)
Jaxson kept saying "You are my angel! You are my angel!"
That kid is OBSESSED with applesauce.
I love this time of year and all that goes along with it:) I've been doing a lot of baking and organizing and PRESCHOOL CRAFTS. Oh the preschool crafts! It seems like my hot glue gun is my best friend lately.
I'm looking forward to our upcoming pumpkin patch field trip & the cool weather....and the yummy food! Fall does make me anxious though...because Winter is around the corner and I HATE WINTER.
I threw a fun Halloween/Bunco party on Saturday night! We had the best time...and my friend Brittany was in town to visit. We had Corn chowder & darling pumpkin bread bowls, pumpkin squares with cream cheese frosting, mummy truffles and more:) We laughed and played for hours...and I worked hard to put together fun prizes! Wish I had a picture:)
For the party favors I made these little Witches High Heels full of treats. I folded them out of an 8.5x11 piece of orange cardstock. Thank goodness for my good friend who helped me:) It would have taken me FOREVER! They turned out darling though!
Version of "Cake Pops" only I made them truffles instead:) I love Yellow Cake mix with cream cheese frosting combo. I used a little orange food when you bite into them they are bright and festive! OHHHH---Jarom makes fun of me for things like this:)
Jaxson loved helping me decorate the front porch. We stole some cornstalks frm our friends garden and wahlah! Nothing a little Orange Glitter Ribbon can't fix:)
I grabbed a few rolls of Halloween Ribbon at the Dollar Tree and tied it around EVERYTHING! Amazing how cheap...and how much it helped it feel like Halloween around here:)
I also grabbed a vase and stuffed it with some fall colored weeds! Easy Easy.
What is Halloween without Candy! My candy jars are fun for cheesy holidays like this one! One trip to the bulk candy section at WINCO and we were in business:)
My entryway turned out kind of fun. I don't have very many Halloween things....but I fell in love with these dorky pumpkin and skeleton men!!! My Preshool Kids love them! I added some pumpkins, pincones, fall leaves and berries and YEP...MORE RIBBON. A Big black hairy spider is crawling up the topiary tree...which is also a highlight with all the little boys!
Love my Witch. The kids CANNOT resist touching the little skeleton. It is like a kid MAGNET:) hahaha
...Added a few strands of Orange Lights to the trees for fun. Jaxson thinks it's pretty awesome.
My pilgrims are my favorite. They shouldn't be out til Thanksgiving....BUT I couldn't resist.
Jarom gives me a hard time about them....and thought it was ridiculous when I bought them....but they make me happy! ALMOST as happy as the pumpkin spice candle...but not quite:)
Things are pretty un-eventful around here. School is in full swing and we are a full house of 12 THREE YEAR OLDS on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I am loving it and have been kept busy preparing projects and crafts for them to do.
Jax is excited for Halloween! He's going to be a football player...complete with mini-shoulder pads and helmet. His little tight pants make me smile.
I started Christmas shopping this week. Holy crap.
It's coming so soon.....
I can't believe how quickly time flies. I want it to stand still. I want Jaxson to stop growing.
I am daily trying to remind myself to ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY.


The Taylor Family said...

I've commented a few times before but you are so talented. I love the way you decorate. I wish you could redo my whole house for me.

Poll Family said...

Kristin! Cute pictures, decorations and house!! Love this time of year, you wouldn't know it if you came to my house though! HA! Can you come decorate for me! You have GREAT ideas, you're so creative! Love it all! Ü