Thursday, September 30, 2010


I just realized that my updating will revolve around FOOD. A lot of good food! That is, afterall, what we've been doing lately....and how we've been enjoying our September to the fullest!
I also just accidentally erased all documentation that we were in fact a part of PEACH DAYS this year. Oh well. One less page nagging "YOU NEED TO SCRAPBOOK ME"....and one less post to make. I am crossing things off my list at record pace today....!
Me and my mother spent last week canning peaches. It was a fun day of listening to music, chatting and canning for Hours upon Hours. I thought my stove would never come ran for 8 hours straight! After all that work...Jaxson informed me that he would rather have homemde applesauce. Ungrateful little......!
SO---that will fill mine and my mother's Wednesdays next week. The kid gags when he tastes store purchased applesauce. It's quite entertaining.
We ended the day by a much needed trip to ZUPA'S and a shopping spree at Kohl's. I think I've mentioned this a number of times....but let me remind KOHl'S card is the best thing that's ever happened to me. End.of.story. I love that thing. I even chipped my front tooth this week impatiently tearing into my coupon to see if I got another 30%.
Yep...I did. BLISS:)
SOOOO worth spending Tuesday at the dentist getting repaired!
I love this time of year. I love peaches. I love spending girl time with my mom. I love having a relatively NON-BUSY life that allows me to relax and enjoy:) TIME is afterall...something you can't ever get back!
Some of the blessings I've been thinking of lately!
My BFF Brittany moved to UTAH (picture me jumping up and down and screaming!!!)
Only problem: she moved to Blanding. Which is still far enough away that I could never get to her house without 1 of the following 2 things.
1- a plane.
2-my husband driving me there.
I am soooo not capable of finding directions, things, cities...especially far away. I refuse to try.
2nd GREATEST THING EVER: she comes to me. Often:)
We enjoyed dinner with her at the CHEESECAKE FACTORY on saturday night.
It was so fun to get my hands on her chubby and delicious baby boy ROMAN. He's 3 months old already...and it was our first meeting! He reminds me of my pudgy little Jax.
Since....we've also enjoyed a dinner date with my brother Ryan and sister-in-law Kelsey....followed by dessert at the RED MANGO, which beats SPOON ME by 1000:) Yum.
See, I told you....LOTS OF FOOD:)
Fire Station SAFTEY FAIR!
Last night we attended the Davis County Safety Fair. Jaxson loved it of course.
We met up with his friends Judd and Cooper.
Smokey the Bear!
Getting a Balloon (HIGHLIGHT:) haha.
Police Motorcyle (absolutely about died...his favorite).
Lifeflight helicopter. It was kind of embarrassing because the kids could ask questions to the life flight paramedic....and before I knew it I was on MY 10th question! I AM A TOTAL NERD. I immediately stopped, snapped a picture of Jax and ran to the next thing on the agenda acting like I really wasn't THAT interested.
I know Discovery Health is my hands down favorite channel...but come on! I was asking how many times the helicopter goes on calls a day, per week, etc. I wanted to know lbs limits, capacity...D.E.T.A.I.L.S! So glad Jarom wasn't there...although I'm sure he totally expected such from me!
-Fire Engine-
Jaxson refused to take a ride on one, oddly enough. That is, until we left...then he demanded we go back immediately. OH- the joys of being 3.
Afterward we headed to....dah dah dah....JASON'S DELI. Oh my gosh we are obsessed with food the past few weeks!!! THAT....and the small fact that I've gone on strike and refuse to waste precious time cooking dinner!
I decorated for HALLOWEEN....which is way more fun with a child who is getting super excited!
The porch, mantle, bar, tables and all other surfaces...are officially covered in skeletons, witches, and bright orange glittery ribbon that makes me happy happy happy. (Dollar Tree has the CUUUUTEST halloween ribbon right now people...don't spend a lot of $$$). The candy dishes are stocked with candy corns and we are ready to bring on OCTOBER:)
My son wants DESPERATELY to be a Witch. You heard me....A Witch.
He is being a University of Utah Football Player instead.
Poor thing.
Jarom didn't approve of the witch idea.
Sorry Son...better luck next year:)
(and just so you know Jax...mommy was totally fine with it! I would have painted your face green and bought you a hat for sure:)
{Preschool is wonderful and I am already becoming quite attached to the kiddos!}
Check out our website later today for some darling pictures of what we've been up to this month at Smarty Pants! Lots of updates coming soon....
Off to plan a Halloween Party/BUNCO night with all the women in my family who I don't get to see nearly often enough:)
---Have a Great Weekend---


Andrea said...

fun stuff!! Those peaches look AMAZING!!

Bryce & Brittany said...

I am now expecting one of the 2 following things:....1)picking you up at the nearest airport or 2)convincing Jarom to drive you to Blanding.:) I know, I know....Blanding is soooo far away but at least I'm back in Utah huh?:) Love the post about food! Isn't that what fall is about??:)