Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend & Power Thought for the week:)

Nanny picked us up on Friday evening for a weekend with the girls.
The boys headed for the mountain with four wheelers in tow...and we spent the weekend shopping, eating and spoiling jax.
It was a great break. Jax bawled for his daddy for a portion of the day....and soon will be big enough to go with the men (waaahhhhh)...but for now, we talked him into Pizza from Red Robin, seeing "Despicable Me" at the Megaplex with his very own popcorn a SLEEPOVER at Aunt Ki-Ki's and a morning at "Jumping Jacks" in Springville. SOOOO cute. Like 3 bucks for a morning at a big blow up carnival (indoors) and runs year round! It wore him out and worked like a charm:)
We then headed to Park City to take in the beautiful leaves and changing colors...some shopping and lunch on Main Street. Expensive...but fun atmosphere:)
Jax needs zero clothes...I need a everything new in a bigger size (ha)....and yet again I left that town with 2 pair of comfy pants for me and SACKS full for the little man. Why does that happen every.single.time.
Every time I shop for him I recognize how much this will change when another child joins our family. Oh boy. Not possible.
It was a fabulous weekend....but it confirmed my over-attatchment to my husband. After 7 years I am still mushy gushy in love with him and missed him! I guess that's a good sign...but how is that possible for only 48 hours apart?!? When I told him that I missed him and that something must be wrong with me....he quickly responded
"Or....maybe it's what's NOT WRONG WITH ME!" Ha. Funny.
It's his sarcastic sense of humor and many other things that make me still enjoy every minute of his company and get excited for him to come home from work. He truly is my best friend and the bestest of the best listeners.
My Power Thought for the week (written by Loise L. Hayes):
"Every experience I have leads me to a greater
understanding of my purpose on Earth."
This book isn't religious or meant to be spiritual...but it's crazy how many of them pertain to my faith. I love this one...and it WAAAYYYY relates to my life the past few days and the weeks to come. We all have "bumps" in life and things that make our perfectly planned ideas come to a screeching halt. I had mine last week-oh about Friday A.M. What did I do? flipped to this quote and decided to do everything I can to fix it and make what I want happen....and in the meantime...try my darndest to understand what it will/can/should teach me. EVERY EXPERIENCE (especially the rough ones) can teach us much about ourselves and others. It can re-confirm our love and compatibility with our spouses. It can make us evaluate priorities. ALL of which are wonderful wonderful things!
This monday is going quite well for a monday...I must say:)
Hope yours is too! Have a great week!
It's "LIFE ON THE FARM" week at Smarty Pants Preschool! has to be a good one:)

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