Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BK & My Fav. Power Thought!

Today I started my day off with 2.5 hours of 12 LOUD & ENERGETIC kids at
Today we mastered the Letter A, Read all about Abby the Alligator, Sorted by color and pattern, Painted our own Model Airplanes, practiced with scissors, did DINO Floor Puzzles, dined on Applesauce and Animal Crackers.......and ALL THIS before 11:00 a.m.
I am pooped. Doesn't that sound tiring? Especially because that list only dents what I managed to cover in 2.5 hours:) I am LOVING my job though. TOO MUCH.
I could totally get used to the 2 days a week thing as well!
Last Thursday afternoon, Jarom called and teased "Whatever will you do with the next 5 days off work before you have to do SOMETHING again?!?"....
haha. Sooooo funny. Yet True.
I accomplished a lot by Noon I have to say.
After that....not so much.
Side note:
Sometimes I feel like I'm 19 and can stay up all night....eat frozen burritos for all 3 meals..and still bounce back wonderfully!
OTHER days I hit the sack at 11:00 p.m., make cry/whining noises when the alarm goes off and feel like I'd rather die....eat protein bars and carrot sticks and run around like a one-woman circus singing preschool songs and answering to "Miss Kristin" and still manage to gain 4 pounds in a 24 hour period.
Today was one of those OTHER days:)
I failed to make Dinner....so BAJIO it was.
We (Me and Jarom) took ours "to-go" and {feeling like wonderfully kind and generous parents} traveled to the BK playland to grant our sons wish of playing WHILE eating.
It's probably a shame that I have never taken my child to areas such as THIS before...(Jarom does while I am out with friends or at Relief Society) but ME....N.E.V.E.R.
I should probably try and relax sometime in this life....but Nah.
He failed to warn me of the stench. It hits you in the face immediately and leaves you gasping let me tell ya. I thought to myself immediately: This smell deserves a post all it's own...and so...here I sit!
I couldn't tell if it was all the plastic slides and fake rocket ship, the fast food aromas being trapped inside the air tight container that is the "playland" or feet and stinky socks mixed with sweat and Vomit. It just might have been the sweet elderly person wearing a cookie monster shirt and trying to corral 3-4 children who weren't havin' it. Holy Freak.
I was shocked that people could choke down food while surrounded by the green fog in that room. Again, I should PROBABLY relax sometime in this life...but NAH! Double NAH!
That was revolting.
Jaxson begged and begged....so I did what any mother would do.
I unpacked my Bajio Salad and ate the entire thing sitting there in the most horrible stink imaginable....with a smile. Then I ordered an ice cream cone {in a cup please} To-Go.
{to numb the pain and trauma}
The rest of the night was spent like this:
I begged Jarom to Mow the Lawn...but ended up watching an episode of "THE OFFICE" with him instead:)
I made 12 of the cutes FIRST AID KITS for "F" day coming up at Smarty Pants Preschool:)
I talked to my adorable-in-every-way friend Brittany until the current time: which is 1:11 a.m.
I would tell you all what a wonderful woman she is...but it wouldn't do her justice.
Kind, Selfless, beautiful, wonderful listener, forgiving....
Some girls get it all.
Moral of the story: Don't eat INSIDE the BK playland. Ever.
Find and Cherish good friends. True friends. The ones in which you'd do anything you could to save them from pain or heartache. The ones that teach you so much just by being themselves:)
....And last but no least...my POWER THOUGHT for the day....
{the ones I promised to share regularly because they really change your outlook on life and your attitude!}
"My Heart forgives and releases.
Inner peace is my goal."
I have a million favorites {Power thoughts that is, by Louise L. Hay} but I really have loved this one the past few weeks. We all have inner issues or wars to battle...whether with ourselves or others. Life is unfair that way:( We never get along perfectly with everyone. HOWEVER- I have found such strength in this little positive affirmation lately! I have used it to strengthen and encourage myself to REACH OUT and resolve and RELEASE (I love that wording) things that I allow to hurt or hinder me. NO MORE ladies:) I have felt so relieved and proud being the START and taking the STEP towards forgiveness (both to myself and others)...because total INNER PEACE would be wonderful wonderful wonderful. Don'tcha think?!?
Try it. Maybe it applies to SOMEBODY or SOMETHING in your life?
Have a wonderful Wednesday.
I think I might hit the Dollar Spot at Target:)

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Bryce & Brittany said...

I get exhausted just reading what you do everyday.:) Don't know how you do it!! If I had your energy all my stuff would be unpacked already.:) You're words about me are too kind and slightly exagerated. I wish I were as great as you think I am. Love ya!