Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Days...and POWER THOUGHTS!

It happened at our house too.
Jaxson's first day of Preschool at Smarty Pants!
(mom's first day running Smarty Pants!)
He was beyond excited and READY for all his friends to come.
Poor Jaxson didn't get any great pictures to document the morning...because his mom was more concerned with the 12 (3 year olds) that would be arriving momentarily!
jax back porch
He had a great day....and DAY #2 was even better than the First!
We've learned songs, cut with scissors, sorted by color, finger paints, beanbags, puzzles, spotlights...oh the list goes on. I am exhausted thinking about it:)
If you are one of the MANY who asks me how I can do is you answer:
(it is NOT easy....and I sweat from E.V.E.R.Y single pore for 2.5 hours straight!)
But after mornings like's totally worth it!
They were so happy....and excited...and cooperative....and SMART!
They surprise me and I just love love love how they say..."Miss Kwwistan" 100 times a day.
This week also brought...
Jaxson's First Day of Tumbling!
Jaxson and Owen waiting for Tumbling Lessons time.
He is such a coordinated little stinker! I've always been amazed at his ability to figure things out and do it WELL after being shown ONCE! He was somersaulting and backbending and doing tricks like nobody's business. I was proud.
No mom's are allowed to these pictures were captured in the 2 seconds in which I decided to rebel:) I ran in...snapped 2 shots and left (claiming to just be CHECKING on him:)
I have problems. I know.
I had great intentions of telling you all about these POWER THOUGHTS that have changed my world (and outlook) lately:) ...but I am late late late. So it will come.
I think you'll like them. I think, maybe like me, you'll need to hear some of them too. Some hit you hard and fit perfectly for the day, moment, emotion....whatever you are feeling. Me moving next door to Miss Dori B. was no coincendence. I have 100% faith that I was supposed to move right here for a reason....because she is amazing. The overly cheery and positive and STRONG woman we all wish we GENUINELY were on a regular basis.
Unfortantely: that just isn't so. Let's face it....the world needs us, the ones who have bad days and can't always no matter how awful still see the glass half full! We give it our best shot....but on our "days" we need people like Dori. Plus she laughs a lot....and laughter is truly the best medicine.
I have lots of ideas for this old blog of mine. I tend to blog more throughout the Fall and Winter and so I can hopefully keep up with my goal of Sharing LOTS and LOTS of cute preschool/kindergarten learning and educational ideas. I've been posting darling ones that you can buy....but I plan to post some ideas for "make-at-home" learning games that are so darling and super cheap!
Oh...and those POWER THOUGHTS. I'm going to share them regularly.
Why? because I one day hope to be surrounded by confident, happy, women who are REAL and SPIRITUAL and SWEET and GENUINE and KNOW THEIR WORTH.
I'm too hard on myself.
These little bits of Wisdom that DORI shares with with that.
Hopefully they can/will help you too.
Love, me

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The Feil's said...

Kristin, You don't know me, but I must let you know that I LOVE your blog and your creativity. I found it on Studio 5's website on their Blog Spotter. I have read the entire Blog and I just LOVE your posts. If I had a preschool age child I would totally enroll them in Smarty Pants Preschool. Just wanted you to know!